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Introduction to Nomad – Lee Gallington

Introducing Nomad 2012 version 5.0

Software Deployment with Nomad Enterprise

Product video

Software Deployment with Nomad Enterprise

Dell, Angie Stahl

Software Deployment with Nomad Enterprise

Navantis, Dave Kawula

Software Deployment with Nomad Enterprise

Brian Mason, Fortune 500 finance company

Software Deployment with Nomad Enterprise

Mark Cochrane, vNext

With Systems Management being carried out to distribute software (e.g. Windows XP to Windows 7 upgrades, software and patches) across large global networks, IT departments are constantly challenged with how to do this without impacting the day-to-day business use of the network. Nomad 2012 allows software to be distributed anywhere, in the fastest way possible, easily and at any time, while removing complexity from the network and drastically reducing the number of servers needed.
Lowest Cost

Reduce the Cost of Windows Migrations

The Operating System deployment facilities of Nomad 2012 allow organizations to supercharge their Windows 7/8 migration projects without any additional staff, extra servers or network infrastructure and achieve the highest possible amount of automation on client systems.

Eliminate Servers in Your System Center Infrastructure

Nomad is the only solution that actively removes the need for desk side visits and up to 95% of branch servers – removing your existing server footprint and administrative overhead without creating any risk to client systems, a competing infrastructure or a single point of failure.

Fastest Distribution

Use All Your Network Spare Capacity With Reverse QoS™

Nomad applies deterministic and statistical analysis to your data transfers ensuring that IT data never competes with business data, regardless of network hops, line speeds or configurations. With Nomad 2012 more than three million PCs are being patched faster than ever before.

Download Once and Distribute Software in the Fastest Way Possible at Any Time

When you distribute large software packages to thousands of systems, this can equate to terabytes of data traversing the network. With Nomad 2012 even 20GB+ Windows 7 Migration packages can be distributed quickly without impacting day-to-day use of the network.

Most Reliable

Remove Infrastructure, Increase Resilience

By eliminating server infrastructure and allowing client systems to dynamically manage content and other tasks normally assigned to servers, Nomad 2012 allows IT staff to focus on other activities and projects rather than constant infrastructure troubleshooting.

Increase Security

Nomad is the only solution where you can choose to Multicast or Fan-out data to systems while still adapting to user and network activity securely with no client risk. Nomad is also is the only solution which doesn’t scatter your data to several systems, instead it goes where your data is targeted.

Eliminate Hardware and Networking Dependencies

Nomad 2012 is the only solution that doesn’t have any networking hardware dependencies or require system level drivers that could cause a Blue Screen of Death.

Easiest Deployment

Simplify the Network

The Single Site Download (SSD) feature of Nomad 2012 enables automatic discovery of network topology. This allows organizations to treat a large complex, distributed network as if it were a simple local one by grouping physical networks (including subnets) into logical sites and locations.

Nomad product sheet

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Revolutionize your software distribution. Nomad 2012 uses spare network bandwidth to reliably and securely deliver large software deployments, operating system upgrades and patches across thousands of PCs, servers and sites reliably and without disruption.

White Papers

Nomad and WAN caching 1.6

How Nomad functionality compares with WAN optimization appliances for network efficient systems management.

Is BranchCache right for software distribution?

BranchCache reduces WAN bandwidth usage to improve application responsiveness when remote workstations access content within the head office or data center.

PXE Lot or PXE Lite

How 1E’s PXE Lite provides the lowest cost network booting solution. It eliminates the need for local servers and the associated costs of managing them.

1E Noamd Fan Out 1E Noamd FINALIST Award

Nomad Successes

Verizon WirelessSaved $9M per year doing 2,000 OS upgrades per week

Top 10 US bankProtected their bandwidth to branch offices

Large US multinational retail chainProtected their bandwidth and save $3M per year on FedEx costs

All StateSaved $44M by decommissioning 10k servers

Top 3 US Insurance companySaved $70M by decommissioning 18k servers

Top 5 worldwide oil companyOnly method for 15GB OS upgrade

Major Financial InstitutionConfigMgr 2012 IT infrastructure dramatically reduced from 7000 to 100 servers

Saint-Gobain30-fold reduction in server investment than originally foreseen


Video case studies

A Fortune 500 Company, Brian Mason

"The only way we know to manage 350,000 machines is by using Nomad, otherwise I’d be babysitting thousands of distributions points and I don’t have time for that."

vNext, Mark Cochrane

"Our original architecture relied on 700 servers, with Nomad we have dropped that to 300."

Case studies

Thirty-fold ROI in server CAPEX and OPEX across Saint-Gobain Group thanks to Nomad

Operating System deployments and upgrades with zero disruption and 21,000 tonne reduction in CO2 per annum

Integrated power and efficiency savings - annual power savings of $608,000 and annual electricity reduction of 6,176,000 kW

Application Mapping automates and accelerates software reinstallation during Windows 7 migrations to deliver a better experience at reduced cost

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Nomad product videos

Introducing Nomad 2012 version 5.0

A teaser trail of all the cool new things things that are in Nomad 2012 version 5.

Introduction to Nomad

Lee Gallington presents Nomad and how it delivers transformative savings to the enterprise

Nomad Branch

This video demonstrates the core functioning of Nomad Branch by showing how IT data transfers can be made in the most reliable and efficient way possible without requiring any IT administrative involvement resulting in increased deployment success rates and significantly reduced business impact.

Nomad Enterprise “Why is there never enough bandwidth?“

Nomad Enterpise: streamlined systems management - reduces operating costs and accelerates distribution of software, patches and OS upgrades

PXE Lite

core functioning of PXE Lite by showing how "bare-metal" builds can be performed in the most efficient way