Software License Optimization

Immediately reduce software costs across the whole estate

– PCs and servers

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Did you know that, on average, organizations have more than $400 of unused software sitting on every PC?

The tricky part is working out which particular bit of software is unused on each device. Even if you can identify it, what can you do about it?

Another consideration is your license compliance. How much software do you have deployed without a license or with the wrong type of license? How many new licenses are you buying when you already have unused copies sitting on PCs today?

  • Do you know how much unused software you have across your PCs and servers?
  • Do you know what your current license liability is?
  • Do you have anyway of right-sizing your license allocations?
  • Are you able to perform short term allocations for software on a per project basis?
  • Are you able to restrict prohibited applications?


1E’s software license optimization gives you clear and simple visibility of your entire software estate, across servers and PCs, with a unique focus on finding unused software enabling you to make immediate reductions in software costs.

  • Identify all unused software across your whole estate.
  • Automatically and reliably reclaim unused software in a user-friendly way and drive down software costs.
  • Optimize complex software suites and enterprise server software
  • Pool licenses for specialist applications for rental on a per project basis
  • Restrict the use of prohibited applications to a group machines or users
We have achieved in a couple of days what we were not able to in twelve years.”
Cobie Nel , Im Services: Manager Applications, Sasol Group Services

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Customer Case Studies

Revolutionized Application Reinstallation during a Windows OS Migration for 12,000 PCs

Application Mapping automates and accelerates software reinstallation during Windows 7 migrations to deliver a better experience at reduced cost

Rapid and significant savings via software reclaim

Through our deployment of AppClarity, and our excellent working relationship with 1E, we havemade $326,478 in cost savings in just eight weeks, across our estate of 13,000 PCs, through theidentification and reclaim of unused software.


AppClarity reclaims unused applications to become compliant and save money, and NightWatchman Enterprise fulfills green IT initiative through PC power management


Software Efficiency Report-US 2011

The Software Efficiency study reveals that software waste is endemic in organizations today, in the US there is more than $12.3 billion worth of preventable and ongoing cost associated with unused software and shelfware.

Solutions sheets

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Immediately identifies and accurately quantifies your software waste and enables you to make immediate reductions in software