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Forget migration migraines: use zero-touch for ultra-efficient OS upgrades

Last year there was a great deal of focus on Windows XP, as businesses sought ways to move away from the ageing operating system before the April end-of-support deadline. Stories of long, overrunning migration projects were commonplace. What's more, businesses faced significant cost penalties if they failed to migrate before the deadline. The NHS alone was forced to spend an eye-watering £5.5 million (around $8.5 million, AU$10.9 million) to extend its support for another year. ... Read More

Implementing BYOPC: Assessing its Importance for Your Organization

The advent of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) was a revolution in the way that employees access corporate resources on their smartphones and tablets and, although initially resisted by IT departments, most organizations now allow employees to use their own smart devices for work. However, for most users, smartphones/tablets are purely consumption devices. For real work, users revert to using their PCs, and in most organizations they will need to use Windows. ... Read More

Top Seven Priorities for IT in 2015

Creating a Secure and Efficient Enterprise. Click through for seven critical priorities IT pros should consider for 2015, as identified by Ambareesh Kulkarni, VP, 1E Professional Services, 1E. ... Read More

Executive Viewpoint 2015 Prediction: 1E - The Year of Virtualization

While 2014 was a big year for the virtualization market, this sector is yet again poised for changes in 2015 as growing BYOD demand will continue to push IT departments to evolve their positioning and policies to satisfy employees. As virtualization technology is finally beginning to reach its maturity, we look forward to the launch of Windows 10 and further development of virtualization software from smaller vendors to push this segment forward. Here are three of our virtualization predictions for 2015. ... Read More

1E opens new office

The company aims to help its clients save money on running their IT programmes. "Ireland has a positive attitude towards attracting and nurturing overseas businesses. Dublin offers a world-leading IT skills base and is home to experts in our particular field," 1E chief executive Sumir Karayi said. ... Read More

180 new jobs for Cork and Dublin

There is good news on the jobs front. 90 positions are on their way to Cork while a further 90 jobs have been announced in Dublin. US firm Resolute Ocean Energy - which is establishing a European headquarters in Cork - will hire 80 staff, while Exceedence Limited and Resolve Marine will create the other positions. ... Read More

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