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Do you know why you are wasting money on unused software?

Software spend contributes a significant chunk to the IT budget and to a large degree many organisations view this as a sunk cost and part of the plumbing. Smart organisations however are starting to question this spend as austerity measures become the norm and budgets get more and more squeezed. ... Read More

Cyber Security And The CIO: Changing The Conversation

Who in the enterprise should take the lead on cyber-security issues? And what role should the CIO play? These were the two main questions with which speakers wrestled during the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, held in May on the school's campus in Cambridge, Mass. ... Read More

The True Cost of Unused Software in Business

A recent study taken out by 1E (a software lifecycle automation company) has shown that many companies around the world are spending excessive amounts of money on computer software that is never being used! ... Read More

The True Cost of Unused Software in Business

Anyone who has a business knows and understands the costs that come with it, so why are so many businesses spending money on software that is hardly or never used? The below infographic shows just how much unused software is costing businesses across the UK and US. ... Read More

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