Need to reduce energy and operating costs in your data center?

Get business value from your server estate by measuring, monitoring and maximizing the efficiency of all your servers

Typically organizations spend more than $4400 each year on each server keeping them operational, licensed and secure, and as for virtualized servers, they cost $1,000 to run, so it makes sense to ensure all your servers do something useful.

Watch this short video to learn more about how NightWatchman Server Edition can identify your unused servers, help you decommission them and then optimize the rest. You may be surprised…and be able to make significant cost savings.

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NightWatchman Server Edition applies power management when servers are not useful to reduce energy and cooling bills without negatively impacting your business, it:
  • Identifies inefficiency for immediate savings
  • Reduces your energy and cooling bills
  • Delivers business-focused reports on power used by all servers
  • Controls server sprawl and unnecessary hardware spend
  • Supports Cisco EnergyWise
“Yes to virtualization projects but don’t virtualize waste”
Visualization of useful work across IT assets is key to achieving greater efficiencies from virtualization projects