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Optimal License Strategy

Reduce your license demand

Optimal License Strategy

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You’re spending too much on software

Regardless of your compliance position

The scope of traditional ITAM tools often ends with compliance – skipping cost optimization altogether and providing no visibility of software usage. The result is that even within compliant organizations 33% of desktop software is either unused or rarely used. In the datacentre, deployment of software rarely considers licensing implications and the complexity of server licensing (including core and processor calculations and virtualization) exacerbates the problem – licensing costs are high and achieving compliance can be a nightmare.

Optimal License Strategy

Reduce your license demand

1E’s Optimal License Strategy solution provides the tools and expertise you need to identify and implement an optimal licensing strategy based on the specific requirements of each vendor. Our six-step methodology will reduce your license requirement – and slash your software costs.

Dramatically reduce cost of complex server software

Identify areas where specific changes to the IT environment could result in dramatic software license cost reductions.

6 step process to analyze, optimize and realize benefits

Our process provides you with specific IT changes (for example moving VMs between a cluster) and the associated impacts – you choose what actions to take based on your requirements.

Use existing inventory data sources

We understand the specific data needed to optimize specific vendors/products in your environment. Wherever possible we’ll leverage your existing inventory sources to provide this.

Maintain or increase performance and resilience

Reduce license requirement and cost while increasing performance, capacity and other important measures.

6 step process to Analyze, Optimize and Realize benefits

Appclarity Report - Data Flow

“We achieved in a couple of days what we were not able to in twelve years. We reached our return on investment in less than two months.”

Cobie Nel, Manager Applications, Sasol


Accurate Software Inventory

Target identification

Prioritize goals based on impact – potential savings and risk profile.

Gap Analysis

Gap analysis

If the data required is not available from tooling, we will help you decide how best to close the gaps.

IT Implementation Plans

IT implementation plans

Specific action plan required to implement to realize optimization strategies.

Inventory Consolidation

Inventory consolidation

Specific data is required for specific vendors. 1E will leverage existing inventory tools to consolidate data required for license demand calculations.

License Demand Optimization

License demand optimization

Vendor/product specific reports detailing license demand, cost analysis and optimization strategies. You choose which actions to take moving forward.

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