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Software License Compliance

Reduce the Risk of Software License Audits

Software License Compliance

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Would a Vendor Audit Leave You Exposed?

How would you know?

The complexity of server and desktop licensing and the increased use of virtualization and clustering have made software compliance more difficult than ever. Painful software license audits have become a necessary evil for most companies – and so has paying for unused software.

Traditional ITAM approaches no longer work given the complexity of the modern IT environment – and the over-licensing caused by being out of date means that most companies are shouldering unnecessary costs.

Desktop Licensing

Always know your license position

1E’s Software License Compliance provides an ISO compliant repository for all of software licenses, populated by your existing inventory tools, and provides easy to understand reports on your compliance position. It includes license demand calculations that ensure you can true-up or true-down ahead of – or even prevent – your next audit.

Total visibility

Understand all your software license entitlements – from device to user to subscription – across all server and desktop software, while taking into account the complexity of virtualization, clustering, processors and cores.

Focus on the metrics that matter

Systems management tools count software installs, but that’s often not what license metrics need you to count. Our solution can manage entitlements regardless of metric type.

Utilize your existing inventory tools

Our solution integrates seamlessly with your existing inventory tools to enable you to utilize the data you already have.

Vendor-specific reporting

Each vendor’s compliance requirements are different – which is why our easy to understand, action-focused reports show your license compliance by vendor and by product.

“Thanks to 1E we have a clear picture of our overall software environment and we are confident that we can proactively manage it to ensure audit compliance…we have an automated and continuous process to keep the environment clean.”

Director of IT Asset Management


Entitlement Repository

Entitlement repository

ISO 19770-3 compliant store for all aspects of software licenses.

License Demand Calculation

License demand calculation

Determine the number of licenses required.

Inventory Consolidation

Inventory consolidation

Leverage your existing inventory tools to consolidate data required for license demand calculations.

Compliance Reporting

Compliance reporting

Vendor/product specific reports detailing compliance position.

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