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Zero-Touch Windows Migration



Take the smart, Fast route to windows 10

Zero Touch Windows Migration from 1E is the smartest, fastest and most cost-effective way to distribute Windows 10 (or Windows 7/8) across your PC estate. Allowing users to decide when they want to upgrade, it is fully automated making the whole operation simple and pain-free.

Download the EBOOK

This new eBook is all about: getting your company to Windows 10 the fast, smart, automated way (by learning from the mistakes and successes of others).

In it, you’ll learn:

  • The two biggest challenges in any migration
  • The alternative options for overcoming each
  • What a ‘zero-touch’ solution looks like
  • How to multiply your app and OS migration rate

In short, you’ll learn how to accelerate your migration, save money and keep users happy. The Holy Trinity of Windows migration.

Zero Touch Windows Migration E-Book

Windows Migration – An analysis of options

The Automated Migration Whitepaper

You can’t automate your migration without understanding the critical processes that drive it. The good news: once you do identify and automate key processes, your migration will be faster, lower-cost and far less disruptive.

This paper gives an empirical analysis of the major decisions affecting any Windows migration project.

In it, we analyze:

  • The four main options for application prep and delivery
  • The cost and time implications for each
  • What a ‘zero-touch’ solution looks like

The paper will help you make better decisions as you aim for a faster, lower-cost migration that gives users the experience they expect.

The Automated Windows Migration: An Analysis of Options Whitepaper


Get the hard facts about Windows migration in our infographic.

Rationalize your apps before migrating

App Mapping Case Study

1E’s solution suite provides the easiest solution for one of the most herculean tasks while migrating – AppMapping. Here’s the highlights of one example –

With the End-of-Support for Windows XP deadline approaching (8 April 2014), a large auction company realized it needed a robust solution to deliver its Windows 7 migration. At the same time it wanted to rationalize and standardize versions of all applications used across its 12,000-seat estate in 70 locations, as well as remove any software that was not being used.

Using 1E solutions AppClarity, Shopping and Nomad, combined with services from 1E consultants, the company was able to successfully migrate its entire estate to Microsoft Windows 7 in a few months. Users automatically got back only the applications they needed (based on their individual usage) in rationalized and updated versions resulting in satisfied users and reduced license costs.

Business benefits

  • Created software usage reports in minutes to become compliant
  • Able to standardize versions of software for users
  • Able to map applications based on usage
  • Reduced license costs
  • Completed work in a few months
App Mapping Case Study

More Information

Accelerated Windows Deployments

You’re about to migrate thousands of applications to Windows 10.

Today, you’ve got far too many apps, a monster of an OS to deliver and a lot less time and budget to migrate them.

That’s where the 1E Migration toolset comes in.


Pedcor Case Study

The Windows migration experts at 1E have helped dozens of companies make it to the other side. Here’s the highlights of one example –

Having already manually completed a Windows 7 upgrade during a hardware refresh less than a couple of years ago, Pedcor wanted to upgrade its users’ desktops to Windows 8 and also install SCCM for its systems management using automated delivery.

Pedcor was able to complete the Windows Upgrade for its entire estate in just three weeks without user disruption using Nomad 2012. It enabled the IT team to concentrate on training users how to use Windows 8. This made the upgrade seamless and enabled users to be familiar with the new OS in a short time. Not only was productivity unaffected but it actually improved.

Business benefits

  • Costs of $304,292 were avoided (over three years) in both capital and operational expenditure for a fast, painless migration to Windows 8 and deployment of ConfigMgr 2012:
  • Operational, migration and energy savings of $149,984
  • $154,308 cost avoidance in buying and operating 77 Distribution Points
  • Positive user experience with the new OS – no downtime; more productive
  • Windows migration built into BAU tasks – business not disrupted, and no distraction from key IT tasks
Pedcore Case Study Windows Migration


With Nomad and remote distribution we were able to come up with a really elegant solution to be able to do OSD over the WAN.

Sumeeth Evans, VP Information Technology, Pedcor


NOMAD delivers fully automated systems management for everything from day-to-day application maintenance and software distribution to enterprise-wide Windows migrations.


SHOPPING, the app store for enterprise, enables users to schedule their own migration as well as request and install applications themselves post migration.


APPCLARITY, enables systematic application rationalization during a Windows migration project to avoid costs of remediating applications not used.


NIGHTWATCHMAN’s ability to remotely wake PCs when required increases the efficiency of out-of-hours software distribution, OS migrations and patching.

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