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Globally over the past five years $8 trillion has been spent on IT, which is more than half the US GDP. Unfortunately, 70-80 percent of each year’s IT budget is spent on IT maintenance. CIOs need to run today’s IT environments like businesses – delivering better levels of service at lower costs.

To cut costs and improve satisfaction, IT leaders must become more efficient with their IT budgets, use of IT resources, and the selection of IT devices and applications. As cloud computing and the consumerization of IT erodes boundaries from the data center to the desktop, empowered employees can act on their technology needs without involving the IT department. There is also a tremendous opportunity for organizations to become IT efficient and to make “going green” more profitable.

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Guest Speaker, Forrester Research Inc. Principal Analyst and Research Director Doug Washburn develops the business case for Efficient IT and details the consequences of inefficient IT and provide recommendations to cut IT costs and improve satisfaction.

1E CEO Sumir Karayi shares real-world examples of how Fortune 500 companies like AT&T, Dell and Ford have used 1E’s software solutions to identify and eliminate IT waste, reducing both their IT costs and environmental footprint. 1E solutions help reduce servers, network bandwidth constraints, software license bills, energy consumption and many time consuming IT tasks.

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In the webcast Doug Washburn references his research: Top Priorities for IT Infrastucture and Operations Leaders, 2H 2011 which defines the business value that I&O executives can realize by tackling their top priorities and outlines recommended next steps.

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