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Resources for Software Lifecycle Automation

Our resource center contains in depth information about 1E’s solutions and technology with white papers, product sheets, videos, analyst research, service solutions and customer stories all available to download.

Don’t just take our word for it – we deliver real solutions for real problems and our customers are enthusiastic advocates. Hear from them how they have made truly significant savings in money and manpower, as well as reducing their carbon footprint, by becoming more IT efficient with 1E.

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Case Study:

Arup (NightWatchman)

Leading structural engineering firm makes savings equivalent to the annual greenhouse emissions of 81 modern passenger vehicles or the energy use of 40 homes in one year.

Arup (Shopping)

User self-service provisioning of applications and services through 1E Shopping, the enterprise app store, avoids unnecessary spend on help desk costs and frees up the IT team for core tasks.


The world’s sixth largest insurer cuts costs and reduces CO2 footprint by 4,138 tonnes with NightWatchman Enterprise PC power management.

Cost avoidance of $445,000 to buy new servers

A North American aerospace company upgrades to Microsoft SCCM 2012 with 1E Nomad, and consolidates the number of Primary Sites to two to create impressive savings


PC power management saves Kiwibank up to NZ$24,570 in energy costs, reduces energy use by 163,800 kWh and reduces CO2 emissions by 32 tonnes in the first year.

Nomad reduces SCCM running costs by $9.8 million

Leading learning company chooses Nomad to operate SCCM 2012 for its estate of 32,000 PCs in the most cost-effective manner, and reduces number of system management servers to just six

Norfolk and Waveney Mental Health Foundation Trust

Norfolk and Waveney Mental Health Foundation Trust proves green IT policies can work by deploying NightWatchman the PC Power Management solution from 1E to help lower bills.

Park Hill

Park Hill School District deploys shopping to empower users through self-service software store which handles more than 500 user-initiated requests every month.

Parker (NightWatchman)

As part of an enterprise-wide systems management initiative, Parker partnered with 1E to eliminate the need for 458 servers, reduce help desk demands and cut power costs with PC power

Parker (Shopping)

Parker partnered with 1E and deployed Shopping, the enterprise app store, reducing help desk demand and vastly improving the time it takes for users to download and use new software.


Housing developer Pedcor completes OS deployment in a few weeks using automated systems management solution to deploy Windows 8 and Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (SCCM) to multiple locations.

Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust

A compelling business case for automated switch-off of PCs persuaded Princess Alexandra Hospital to deploy NightWatchman from 1E, resulting in cost savings and reduced carbon footprint.

Robust and reliable infrastructure upgrade

A UK police force depends on Nomad for its migration from SMS 2003 to Microsoft SCCM 2012 and looks to do the same for a zero-touch Windows migration.


Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 (ConfigMgr) in conjunction with Nomad used to deploy software patches and upgrades to 100,000 desktops across 6000 branch offices


AppClarity reclaims unused applications to become compliant and save money via Software License Optimization, and NightWatchman Enterprise fulfills green IT initiative with PC power management.

Self-service Access to Applications

Automated process provided by Shopping, the enterprise app store, alleviates pressure from the IT helpdesk and in 12 months a large pharmaceutical company made savings of more than $5 million.

Software License Optimization

Within eight weeks of deploying AppClarity, a North American insurance company sees savings of nearly a third of a million dollars through software license optimization.

Streamlining Computer Delivery Processes Using 1E Shopping and SCCM

Large US Environmental firm establishes end-to-end automated process without impacting quality of service experienced by the end user, and makes large cost savings.

Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority

Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority halves PC energy use with NightWatchman and increases energy efficiency of Authority’s entire PC estate


Syngenta uses self-service portal to handle 3700 requests a month, saving the company $148,000 a month in helpdesk calls, equivalent to $1,776,000 annually.


Shopping from 1E the ideal solution for Unum to reduce the number of help desk calls on the one hand and to drive up user satisfaction rates on the other.

US Department of State

US Department of State’s Efficient IT initiatives ensure a 21,000 tonne reduction of its carbon footprint in a few months thanks to PC power management.

Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless deployed 1E’s PC Power Management tool NightWatchman across 63,000 managed machines within its 88,000 PC infrastructure, with saving of over $1 million.

Zero Touch Windows Migration

Application Mapping automates and accelerates software reinstallation during Windows 7 migrations to deliver a better experience at a reduced cost.

Customer Video:

A Fortune 500 Company, Brian Mason

"The only way we know to manage 350,000 machines is by using Nomad, otherwise I’d be babysitting thousands of distributions points and I don’t have time for that."

A Fortune 500 Company, Gregg Erdmann

"We use NightWatchman Enterprise as part of our power savings initiative and made ROI in under a year and reduced our CO2 footprint by 1000 metric tons."

CDM, Andrew King

"We like to think of it as the of getting your software."

Dell, Angie Stahl

"We are very excited about the deep partnership we have with 1E. The key solution accelerators to enhance ConfigMgr are Nomad and Shopping."

Eric Morrison, National Instruments

"We're saving between $40 and $50 per PC using NightWatchman Enterprise PC power management."

Navantis, Dave Kawula

"We saved over $500,000 in the first month of using AppClarity for one of our clients which gave them a net ROI within three months post project delivery."

Paul Krowchuk, Long View Systems

"The main objective of the partnership between 1E and LongView Systems is to enhance our Windows 7 program office with the 1E stack of solutions."

Rick Sabadka, SaskTel

"We introduced NightWatchman Enterprise as part of our green initiative and we have made more than $77,000 in the first year."

RJ Hubbard, The Motorists Insurance Group

"We save approximately $2,400 a month by shutting down 600-700 PCs."

Scott Ewing, UNUM

"1E is has helped us improve our software distribution success rate and meet our corporate green initiatives."

Customer Snapshot:


A US Bank Holding Company of 12,500 employees, utilized
Nomad, Shopping & AppClarity to automate WIN7
migration. User Software install list generated
DYNAMICALLY during WIN7 Upgrade based on usage.


This global information and education company used AppClarity to
reclaim over 3,500 applications instances in 6 months and reduce its
software waste by $600,000.


One of the largest retailers in the world rolled back one of
the largest and costliest media shipping campaigns in
business history by utilizing Nomad across 200,000
targeted remote and in-store machines.


1E automated OS Migration using the Nomad, Shopping and AppClarity suite for a US
Healthcare Company of 45,000 seats, leaving them long-term BAU benefits and the ability
to expand through acquisition without purchasing additional hardware (DPs).


This American affordable housing company relied on
Nomad to complete its Windows migration project off
hours, eliminating the need for customers to surrender their
devices for 4-6 days and creating a positive user experience.


One of the world’s leading airlines lands on time with its
migration and saves millions by using Nomad.


This Scottish Local Educational Authority turned to 1E for their
migration to SCCM 2012 and to reduce their infrastructure for their Pre-12 and Adult Learning Services.


A British multinational pharmaceutical and biologics company rolls out an enterprise app store for its 51,500 users to download and use software within minutes of selecting it.


Long time users of 1E Nomad, this British public sector law
enforcement body depended on the solution for their
migration from SMS 2003 to ConfigMgr 2012 and looked to do
the same for a true zero-touch Windows migration in 2014.


One of Canada’s largest retail pharmacy chains selected 1E
Nomad to deliver OS migration across large distributed
network of over 1,300 sites with poor connectivity.

Industry Report:

<span>The Hidden Cost of Unused Software</span>

Keen to maximize revenue and profits, software vendors are becoming increasingly vigilant over their sofware licensing optimization. New research shows that businesses with 500+ employees receive license audit requests from software vendors on average four times per year, up from three times in 2012.

Desktop Virtualization Demand Continues To Grow In Harmony With BYO TAP Report

The prevalence of consumer smartphones and tablets and mature enterprise mobile applications has empowered workers to demand flexible and mobile working styles.

Mobilizing Your Workforce

The advent of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) was a revolution in the way that employees access corporate resources on their smartphones and tablets and, although initially resisted by IT departments, most organizations now allow employees to use their own smart devices for work.

Ovum Report

Ovum looks the competitive landscape, the market leaders in PC power management and gives an independent vendor analysis of NightWatchman the PC power management solution from 1E.

Software License Optimization Report

Isn’t time you stop paying for software you don’t need and letting suppliers dictate software license audit negotiations. Get the truth about your IT landscape, download the Software License Optimization

Product Sheet:

Analyze, Optimize, Realize Overview

AOR methodology combines 1E’s award-winning technology with our unrivaled domain expertise to reduce IT waste and deliver on-going measurable cost savings to our clients.

AOR – Analyze

Analyze involves analyzing your existing IT environment, operational processes and cost base; providing clear visibility and identifying areas of IT savings.

AOR – Optimize

Optimize involves deploying 1E software to optimize your existing IT environment, operational processes and cost base. Here you start to achieve the IT savings identified in the previous Analyze stage.

AOR – Realize

Realize involves proactively monetizing and reporting on the IT savings achieved, and embedding the IT efficiencies achieved, for the long term.


AppClarity is the fastest, most cost-effective way to establish visibility and control over your software landscape and spend, achieve software license optimization, and beat software audits.


MyWorkNow is the smartest, cheapest way to provision a standard, corporate Windows desktop as a Virtual PC to any user ... safely, securely and on-demand.


NightWatchman provides the enterprise with total control over the entire PC estate, 24 hours a day with unrivaled PC Power and Patch Management.


Nomad is the smartest, most cost-effective way to distribute software across the enterprise, with up to 95% fewer servers. Discover what it can do for you.


Shopping is the app store for the enterprise that combines the on-demand user experience of consumer devices with the control, integration, and automation needs of corporate IT.

Product Video:

AppClarity - “Why is it?“

AppClarity financially quantifies software waste within you software asset management, by presenting a rationalized inventory of installed applications, license costs and where installations are unused.

AppClarity Benefits

Watch this video to learn how 1E’s AppClarity can empower you with the knowledge you need to reduce cost, complexity and risk across your software environment. Take your software management processes from reactive to proactive in one swift step.

AppClarity for IT Finance

This video explains how AppClarity can help you reduce organisational software costs, providing deep insight into where software can be reclaimed and redeployed and giving you the opportunity for a ‘true down’ at your next audit rather than a true up.

For desktop infrastructure managers

Your company’s big picture relies on fine detail – and that’s what 1E’s AppClarity can deliver. Learn how AppClarity’s easy-to-consume reports can help you ensure you have actionable data about your software estate – helping to streamline major projects.

For software asset managers

Learn how 1E’s AppClarity can empower you to make software asset management a proactive process. With the right tools you can eliminate excess spend by pinpointing and redeploying unused software licences – making a visible impact on the company’s bottom line.

Improved IT Control

Find out how Nomad can actively reduce risk in your IT environment – creating a cleaner, more efficient estate that is secure and up-to-date.

Introduction video

Did you know that nearly a third of enterprise software goes unused? Watch our two-minute overview of 1E’s AppClarity and learn the fastest way to stop paying for software you don’t need and start establishing visibility, controlling sprawl and ensuring cost-efficiency across your software estate.

MyWorkNow - End User & IT Security

Employees want the freedom to use their own devices at work – but establishing a policy that allows them to do this can be a headache. Learn how you can provide the privacy, security and compliance your business needs while meeting user expectations.

MyWorkNow Benefits

Discover the benefits that come with empowering your employees to work at the speed of now – with a fully-functional virtual desktop delivered to the Mac or PC device of their choice.

MyWorkNow End User

Want to work in the way that suits you? Learn how you can access your corporate desktop on your preferred device – without having to worry about protecting either your personal or professional data from risk.

MyWorkNow Introduction

Take the headache out of your BYOPC policy with MyWorkNow. Watch this video to learn more about the smartest way to give your end users flexible, fast and secure access to the corporate desktop.

MyWorkNow IT Finance

Slash the cost of supplying and maintaining your corporate PCs by providing virtual Windows PC desktops to any PC or Mac device your employees wish to use. Watch our video to find out how.

NightWatchman: Enterprise View

PC power management in action. The Enterprise View dashboard has tiles which can be added and configured to retrieve data on energy consumption, savings, CO2 emissions and the current condition

Nomad - “Why is there never enough bandwidth?“

Nomad streamlines Microsoft Systems Center Management – reduces operating costs and accelerates distribution of software, patches and OS upgrades

Nomad 2 Introduction

Watch this video to find out how your company can achieve a fully automated systems management – including patching, upgrades, software distribution and OS migration – while reducing your server infrastructure.

Nomad Bandwidth Efficiencies

Do you know about the flaw in your bandwidth throttling technique? Find out more about this flaw – and how you can manage your bandwidth throttling to maximize both productivity and delivery.

Nomad Introduction

Find out how to carry out a Microsoft SCCM 2012 migration in a third of the time – and at a fraction of the price. This video will explain how Nomad helps you streamline your migration process, reduce your server estate and create a robust security patching process.

Nomad Remote Location Management

Eliminate the need to set up distribution points for all your remote sites – discover how you can distribute software to remote sites via your WAN – even in cases where bandwidth is low.

Nomad Server Reduction

Did you know that every server migration you carry out results in overspend? Most companies don’t. Find out how you can avoid this pitfall by identifying the servers you need to migrate – and eliminating the ones you don’t.

Nomad Software Distribution

Software can be distributed across your organisation quickly and efficiently – you just have to know how. This video reveals the smartest way to ensure your software, patches, upgrades and operating systems are delivered rapidly and successfully every time.

Nomad – Introducing 2012 version 5.0

A teaser trail of all the cool new things that are in Nomad 2012 version 5 for SCCM tools, Windows Migration and OS deployments.

Nomad – Introduction

Lee Gallington presents Nomad and how it delivers transformative savings to the enterprise for SCCM, Windows Migration and OS deployments.

ServiceNow Integration

1E Shopping is an industry leading solution that provides an App Store for the enterprise. Shopping is used extensively by large and global organizations worldwide. Today IT organizations rely heavily.

Shopping Control

The best IT decisions are made when the decision-maker has both context and control. Find out how Shopping can help you can empower your managers to ensure that all IT decisions are made with the right amount of context – and the appropriate control.

Shopping Introduction

Learn how you can give your users the same on-demand experience they receive from consumer app stores, while still achieving the control, automation and integration your business requires for a smooth-running software request and delivery experience.

Shopping Scale

The red tape around software delivery is a cause of frustration in many companies. Find out more about the mature, proven platform that is helping some of the world’s largest companies inject speed into their hugely complex IT estates.

Shopping Speed

What most software delivery processes lack is speed – the one thing companies need the most. Learn more about how Shopping from 1E integrates with your system management tools to deliver simple, seamless, self-service that empowers users.

Shopping Usability

Find out how you can make simple, seamless, self-service software delivery a reality in your organisation. Shopping from 1E puts your users a mere click away from the software they need – just as though they were using an app store.

Shopping Value

Is your IT team bogged down by manual tasks? Find out how Shopping from 1E can help you eliminate this problem and free up valuable IT resources to focus on the value-add projects your business really needs them to work on.

Shopping – Why the delay?

How much time and money is your company spending on software asset management delivery? Shopping empowers users to install software, operating systems and services at a time when it suits

White Paper:

1E & SCCM Better Together 2014

With many organizations now using, or planning to migrate to, Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr or SCCM), this document is an analysis of how 1E’s products/solutions and SCCM

Accelerated Windows 7/8 Deployments

This white paper looks at how to overcome the challenges of the elapsed time it takes and the associated impact and cost to the business of any OS migration project.

Application Mapping

Given its sheer scale and complexity, a Windows migration can be one of the most painful, costly and time-intensive IT projects today.

Building Your Vendor Audit Defense

We look at how organizations can intelligently manage software license audits and save millions by managing their software licenses more efficiently.

How to Get the Most Out of SCCM 2012

This white paper sets out how you can expedite your SCCM 2012 migration. It also provides ideas to maximize SCCM 2012’s benefits and to lower your costs.

Is BranchCache Right For Your Organisation

We examine why the expectation that BranchCache could be appropriate for Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (SCCM) content distribution should be questioned and compared to alternatives before deploying in

Nomad upgrades guide

This guide provides you the full details to quickly and successfully upgrade Nomad, or SCCM when used with Nomad, even in the most complex environments.

PC Estate Profiler Report

This paper looks at how NightWatchman enables enterprises to retire unused PCs and deskspace, which can save organizations over $8,000 per desk on average through its accurate visibility into usage.

Sample Software Reclaim 50k Users

This whitepaper shows an example enterprise of 50,000 users. The sample is based on investment by removing and reusing unused software to address software asset management. Savings are based on company historical data from 1E’s benchmark database.

SCCM 2012 Application Deployment Methodology Best Practice

Aims to provide is best practice when approaching deployment and availability using Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (SCCM 2012).

Shopping and ServiceNow Integration

We describe the integration between Shopping, the App Store for the enterprise, and ServiceNow – combining self-service software and services delivery with request monitoring via a centralized repository and platform.

Shopping and ServiceNow Integration Technical Presentation

This presentation gives deep technical detail on the integration of Shopping, the app store for the enterprise and ServiceNow. It covers each step – from set up, through design to

Software Reclaim as a Service

Three of the most common unused applications sitting on your users’ desktops are Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project, and the Adobe Creative Suite. Removing these unused or rarely used applications can save your organization millions.

The Automated Windows Migration

We evaluate the different strategies that organizations have used to migrate from Windows XP and look at the options for those who have yet to complete a Windows Migration.

Three Key Techniques for Amazing OS Deployment Success

This white paper details three innovative techniques to maximize OSD success: ensure success during deployment, optimal application mapping, and forcing SCCM to retry when appropriate.

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