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Survey: What Do IT Leaders Want From AI?

1E teamed up with YouGov to find out what IT leaders think about AI in IT ops.

The survey of 506 US IT decision-makers (ITDMs) reveals which IT ops tasks stand to benefit the most from AI, what matters most in responsible AI deployments, and what IT leaders look for in new AI investments.

79% of ITDMs want to predict how users will react to IT issues. 74% want to localize more of AI-related data processing to reduce latency.

Download today for more insights and analysis of AI’s instrumental role in modern IT estates:

  • Focus on the financials: 83% of large-company ITDMs would scale up AI’s role in IT ops, but the cost of cloud resources constrains them.
  • Improve service desk efficiency and speed: 79% of ITDMs would like to predict how users will react to IT issues.
  • Enhance personalization, UX, and sentiment: 85% of ITDMs agree that personalized experiences will improve user sentiment.
  • Ensuring AI safety: 57% of ITDMs say that data transparency is essential for responsible AI implementation.

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