About Us

Company Overview

Our Vision

1E’s mission is simple: to enable our customers to automate the full software lifecycle across their business.

Through Software Lifecycle Automation employees become more productive, the business becomes more agile, and IT departments more reactive to change. We empower our customers to remove unused software and unnecessary servers, and reduce network bandwidth while providing their users with the software they need, when they need it. As a result, our customers save millions on hardware, software, energy, and people.

To date, 1E solutions have generated over $2.6 billion of productivity improvements. This includes $1.4 billion in energy costs alone and a reduction in CO2 emissions of 12.4 million tons.

Our customers include Verizon Wireless, Dell, ING, Nestlé, BNP Paribas, Ford Motor Company, the US Department of Veterans Affairs and the UK Department of Work and Pensions.

SLA-Software Lifecycle Automation for the Digital Business

Our History

Today, 1E is headquartered in London, with regional offices in New York, Dublin, and New Delhi. We have deployed more than 26 million licenses worldwide, helping 1,700 organizations in 42 countries work more efficiently, productively and sustainably.

We were formed back in 1997 by former Microsoft colleagues Sumir Karayi, Mark Blackburn and Phil Wilcock. Highly technical and with many years of experience in blue chip organizations, each saw a need to reduce the cost of managing Windows PCs and Servers.

Our first software solutions automated waking-up PCs for patching and saving energy when they were not being used. 1E was a pioneer in PC Power Management and Green IT well before these became hot topics, helping companies reduce their waste at the same time as saving them money.

Through word of mouth and sheer hard work, 1E gained a reputation as the leading Microsoft Systems Management specialist.

Now, almost twenty years after it was founded, Sumir remains at the helm as CEO while Mark holds the title of CIO.

Our Name

People often ask us where the name came from … and there have been many suggestions put forward over the years. The definitive origin of the name is from a BSOD Windows error:


Back in the early days, this was the favourite error code of the founders, one which they helped clients avoid.

Blue screen of death

The Board

Executive Team

Founder, CEO and Board Member

Sumir Karayi founded 1E in 1997 with the goal to drive down the cost of IT for organizations of all sizes by identifying and eliminating IT waste. Sumir pioneered PC power management, and leads 1E’s focus on enabling enterprises to Run IT For Less and has established a market-leading role for his company. He has driven 1E innovations to achieve $2.5bn in IT cost savings for its customers, $1.3bn of which come from energy efficiencies alone, cutting CO2 emissions by 11.5 million tons.

Chief Financial Officer

William Edmondson joined 1E in November 2013 and is responsible for the group’s global finance, legal and HR functions. Will brings over 20 years’ experience in financial roles, mainly within the software industry, and his aim is to accelerate growth at 1E in a sustainable way.

Senior Vice President of Product

Stuart Okin joined 1E in December 2016 and is responsible for all Products within the group. Stuart brings over 25 years’ background in global enterprises, specialising in; Cyber Security and Product Management. His aim is to integrate the 1E Product range, to provide enterprises complete visibility and control of their software and digital estate.

President, 1E India

As the President of 1E India, Suman is responsible for supporting and strengthening 1E’s growth plans and technology vision through India operations. Suman headed 1E India since the beginning of India operations in 1999 and has been instrumental in building strong extensions of key teams of 1E.

Vice President for Global HR

Nick Bartlett Joined 1E in December 2013 as Vice President for Global HR and is responsible for the development and delivery of Human Resources for the group. As part of the Executive team Nick’s role includes planning the company’s global HR strategy to position 1E as a world class people organisation.

VP of Marketing

Andrew is a Product Marketing specialist with over twenty years experience in the telecoms and IT industries, having held senior management positions in Product Management, New Product Introduction and Strategic R&D. He has led product management and marketing teams in both global multinational and start-up environments.

VP of Engineering

Sean Capes joined 1E in September 2014, and is responsible for the Engineering function within the organization.

Sean is driven by the pursuit of people, product and technical excellence through first class lean software manufacturing, and believes in building collaborative teams through trust, belief and respect.


1E supports many energy efficiency, sustainability and green IT initiatives, and we have commissioned a significant amount of independent research on PC (PC Energy Report) and Server (Server Energy & Efficiency Report) energy and efficiency. Our solutions have led to $1.4 billion in energy costs alone and a reduction in CO2 emissions of 12.4 million tons.

Charity Work

1E Charity Work1E’s mission is to support underprivileged children in their education and welfare which we have been doing since we were a start-up through our support of the Manav Mandir Ashram in New Delhi. We believe that every child deserves a fair chance at success.

To discover more about 1E’s charity and community work, click here