Making your End Users Secure, Productive and Happy

How Andy keeps Jon secure at all times

Today’s workforce is a highly dispersed one. Take Jon, a top sales guy, always on the road. On top of this, Jon is very busy: in short, he’s in constant danger of cyberattack. Fortunately, Andy, Jon’s IT manager, can still protect him, because Andy uses 1E Tachyon.

How Andy keeps Jess current, without interrupting her day

Today’s CIOs know their IT teams have to think about colleagues in and out the office, and how to keep these colleagues up-to-date with patches, OS updates, hardware and more. Here’s the story of how Andy keeps Jess, his company’s CMO, current with all this even though she works remotely, thanks to the complete Windows automation provided by 1E’s Windows Servicing Suite (WSS).

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1E in Forbes

Three new products have been launched over the past couple of years and the company has grown about 40% over the past year…

Purpose doesn’t start with the leader,” says Sumir Karayi, 1E founder and CEO. “It starts with the people themselves. In general, people want to do rewarding work.

Sumir Karayi in Forbes
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Our customers

“We needed a complementary, automated way to accelerate our Windows 10 migration. That’s where Windows Servicing Suite came into the picture.”

Michal Lackovic
Program Manager, Schneider Electric

“We deployed a fix across 22,000 devices around the world in two days.”
“With Tachyon we could make sure things happened when they needed to happen.”

Kurt De Ruwe
CIO at Signify (Former Philips Lighting)