Control. Respond. Delight.

1E provides the only real-time, modern endpoint management solution that enables IT teams to deliver a world-class digital employee experience. Make the endpoint the starting point of your digital transformation.


Understand digital employee experience and device performance at scale with unparalleled accuracy through 1E’s patented synthetic microtransaction technology


Real-time control and power to remediate and implement change across hundreds of thousands of endpoints inside and outside of the corporate firewall


Take control of software sprawl by gathering intelligence about the what’s running across the business to save on licensing costs, augment operations, and inform security decisions


Increase productivity by empowering IT staff to resolve issues immediately, automating common but complex scenarios, providing instant gratification for both IT teams and end-users alike

  • Case Study

    Pernod Ricard and Tachyon:

    Giving all users the experience they want

    Employee experience is on every CIOs’ mind today. Tachyon makes real-time, precise, fully automated IT possible so that your employees get the fast response and instant gratification they need to do their jobs well. At Pernod Ricard, they partnered with 1E to give their workers a better employee experience. According to Ivan Jaramillo (Director of Client Support at Pernod Ricard), Tachyon looked “too good to be true.”

  • Case Study

    PageGroup and 1E:

    How 1E delivers value to its customers

    PageGroup employ over 8,000 people in 36 countries and have 160 offices globally. To properly support a distributed workforce on this scale, they needed to implement an easy-to-use, mature and reliable Windows management tool.


1E Wins 2020 BIG Innovation Award for its Tachyon Real-time Endpoint Management Solution

  • “We were going to have to hire more than $600,000 worth of labor to come in and do the process. The other option was automation”

    Kenny Covington
    Riverside Health System
  • “By marrying Tachyon with ServiceNow, you now have the ability to run your entire IT estate from within a controlled process.”

    Nathan Dornbrook
    CTO & Founder, Adarma
  • “The power of Tachyon is that it’s so embedded in our operations that if you were to take it out, there would basically be a rebellion.”

    Kurt De Ruwe
    CIO, Signify

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