Remote employee challenges?

  • Sudden increase in remote workers and service desk tickets
  • IT tools struggling due to network congestion
  • Compliance and security of remote endpoints
Remote worker

We can help with 1E Tachyon

The 1E Tachyon platform is designed to support very large numbers of remote endpoints in real-time:

  • Retain control even with saturated networks as only a single packet exchange is required for most operations
  • Proactively test endpoint performance and responsiveness (inc VDI) and remediate issues instantly
  • Resolve common issues directly from ServiceNow console and chatbot automation

Most operational and security tools were not designed for this situation. They assume capacity on the network and endpoint performance which is simply not there anymore. Automation based on process hungry scripts will not scale for the same reason.

52% of the employees say their company lacks the technology to support remote working

  • Case Study

    Pernod Ricard and Tachyon:

    Giving all users the experience they want

    “The speed at which we’re able to get information from endpoints with Tachyon, especially in critical situations, helps us to respond to incidents, and even replace endpoints, quicker and faster than ever…”

    Ivan Jaramillo

    Director, Client Support, Pernod Ricard

Why 1E?

1E Tachyon is the first real-time platform designed for remote endpoints


Customers in 22 years

14 Million




Renewal rate across core products

$3 Billion


Big Innovation 2020

“Honouring 1E … on improving the daily lives of so many”

Maria Jimenez,
1E Named ServiceNow’s EMEA App Development Platform Partner of the Year

EMEA App Development Platform Partner of the Year 2020

“We are with you in this crisis. We are making our services free so you can get on and support all employees. We also promise to provide relevant technical guidance and solutions rather than marketing and sales gimmicks.”

Sumir Karayi
Founder and CEO, 1E

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