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Real-time Digital Experience Management

As we transition to the world of hybrid working, digital friction and poor employee experience can make or break user productivity and workplace happiness. IT must focus on building a first-rate digital experience for everyone - at home, in the office or anywhere.
Digital Experience Monitoring and Management

Identify, diagnose and remediate performance issues enterprise-wide instantly

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Real-time Management & Security for Remote Endpoints

Get complete control and total visibility of all endpoints, remote or otherwise

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Task Automation for ServiceNow

Optimize ServiceNow workflow automation with real-time task automation and remediation

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Software Asset Management

Simplify the management of the end-to-end software lifecycle

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Windows Self-Service

Automate Windows and application deployments for employee self-service

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The 1E Tachyon Platform difference

Single agent

Eliminate the need for complex licenses and infrastructure with the 1E single agent that enables IT to easily manage the endpoint estate in one place.

Large enterprise ready

Get completely visibility and control of your endpoint estate, no matter the size. The Tachyon Platform scales for more than 1.5 million devices so you can be sure you’re always in the know.

The real-time advantage
Work faster and more proactively and efficiently with real-time software. Fix IT issues and retrieve information across your endpoint estate in a fraction of the time.

EMA: A buyer's guide to Digital Experience Management Solutions

An independent evaluation of the four key vendors in Digital Experience Management (DEM): 1E, Aternity, Lakeside Software and Nexthink

A buyer's guide to Digital Experience Management Solutions

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