What is Digital Employee Experience (DEX)?

DEX is an evolution of endpoint management. It’s the endpoint management augmentation that ensures a good digital experience for employees.

Gartner defines DEX as a strategy that focuses on employees, their experience, and their use of technology. This strategy is supported by a set of tools that offer key feature sets to provide insights that drive action – both in the form of a script or technology automation and human action or behavioral change.

Performance and Usage + Organizational Context + Employee Sentiment + Analytics and Machine Learning = Insights, Automation and Action

What is Digital Employee Experience (DEX)

Why does Digital Employee Experience matter?

Fewer digital disruption
Better remote work experience
Higher employee satisfaction
Higher employee retention rates

To remain competitive and successful, leaders need to prioritize a great Digital Employee Experience (DEX) and build an effective DEX program. From better revenue generation to lower employee attrition, there’s no shortage of benefits when it comes to DEX.

How to improve Digital Employee Experience

How to improve Digital Employee Experience?

After initially assessing your DEX maturity, beginning to plan a DEX program is the next step.

This should be managed in tandem with experts in technology, process and organizational change management, otherwise known as the Center of Excellence (CoE). Maintaining a fruitful DEX CoE is comprised around:

  • Constant data-based measuring of DEX initiatives
  • Integrating and/or expanding the existing toolset
  • Exploring new custom approaches

Tachyon: The 1E DEX Solution

The 1E Tachyon Platform provides the actionable intelligence and real-time remediation capability your IT team needs to delight every employee. All in a single platform.

Endpoint and Client Engineering

Perform real-time diagnostics and remediation for faster and more proactive incident resolution

Detect compliance vulnerabilities and takes action in seconds

Automate patch management and reporting to mitigate risk and vulnerabilities

End-User Experience

Monitor, investigate, and remediate employee experience issues in real time and at scale

Truly understand employee sentiment with customizable qualitative feedback gathering

ITSM Service Delivery

Take action at the first point of contact with endpoint task automation for ServiceNow

Deliver a self-service experience to employees with AI-driven automated resolution for ServiceNow

Build a Tachyon-powered ServiceNow CMDB to create a lean information system of endpoints

1E Modern Management Tools


The effortlessly simple way to run MEMCM in the enterprise


The one-stop IT request store for the Work From Anywhere Enterprise

World’s leading organizations use 1E to drive improvements

1E Tachyon contributes to business success and enables the journey to DEX. Hear from some of our customers and learn more about their stories.

  • “As an IT team, you need to put your employees first in what you’re delivering and make effective decisions. Tachyon Experience gives us the insights to do that.”

    Kenneth Kirkwood
    Kenneth Kirkwood
    Workspace Technology Manager, Baillie Gifford
  • “The 1E Tachyon Platform gives us the telemetry we need to proactively see what’s happening in the endpoint environment so we can provide real-time IT support”

    Scott Geyer
    Scott Geyer
    Technology Engineering Manager, Nationwide Insurance ​
  • “Tachyon looked too good to be true. How could a tool deliver results that fast? ”

    Ivan Jaramillo
    Ivan Jaramillo
    Director for Client Support, Pernod Ricard​
  • “Tachyon is a bit like the Google of your whole IT landscape.”

    Kurt De Ruwe
    Kurt De Ruwe
    ​CIO, Signify

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