Analyze, optimize, realize (AOR) methodology combines 1E’s award-winning technology with our unrivaled domain expertise to reduce it waste and deliver on-going measurable cost savings to our clients. 1E’s experienced team of Consultants and IT Financial Analysts have a proven track record of minimizing clients’ IT spend while increasing efficiency. Rigorous analysis of technical infrastructure is developed into straight forward, accurate reports to identify opportunities and verify cost savings.

Methodology - Analyze, optimize, realize (AOR)

We continuously revisit and reassess savings projections as part of our constant drive to reduce IT waste. This on-going approach ensures that every party is satisfied with the results, and we’re proud of the deep, lasting relationships we’ve built with our clients along the process.


1E’s team of IT Financial Analysts identifies waste and overspend across the IT infrastructure. This analysis becomes a living document, ensuring that all parties have clear visibility into the enterprise’s cost-reduction challenges and opportunities This research is regularly revisited and fine-tuned to ensure that it remains up-to-date. IT infrastructures continuously change as the business grows and adapts to new challenges and opportunities, and the AOR process grows and evolves to reflect this


The IT Financial Analysis team’s research and reporting ensures that key stakeholders’ expectations are accurate at every turn. Our Consultants’ work is conducted against these clearly benchmarked KPIs. To meet these objectives, 1E Consultants employ their unparalleled domain expertise to plan, design, build and implement projects that eliminate waste and reduce spend on an on-going basis across the enterprise. 1E’s award-winning product suite maximizes efficiency across industry-wide challenges including self-service, BYOD, software licensing, software distribution and energy consumption. These solutions can be deployed across the IT estate or to a precise point of need.


As a result of the Optimize phase, waste across the entire network is identified and eliminated, and benefits accrue on an on-going basis. Automated software deployment and distribution, clear visibility into licensing management and reduced server requirements deliver transformative results for the IT estate. Clear and accurate reporting into PC usage, power consumption and desk occupancy enables the enterprise to achieve dramatic cost savings on energy, reduce the business’s carbon footprint and comply with CSR policies. All of these cost reductions are measured and quantified against the projection reports compiled during the Analyze phase, ensuring that the enterprise achieves the bench marked targets.

AOR as a repeat process

IT estates change as the enterprise grows. Mergers, acquisitions and expansion into new locations all provide opportunity for waste to creep back into environments. We revisit clients on a regular basis to review processes and quantify any improvements that could still be made.

We empower our clients with the tools, experience and training to perform these waste reduction processes themselves, ensuring that IT teams are self-sufficient and capable of repeating the cycle independently. When our business reviews find gaps in achievement we make specific recommendations to quickly drive maximum success.

AOR is a continuous exercise that doesn’t stop once the solution is deployed. We stay engaged to continuously measure against the latest projection reports to ensure savings are always maximized.


Savings projections: theoretical or fact-based?

We ensure that our cost savings projections are grounded in reality. Unlike many in the marketplace, our AOR methodology is based on benchmarking results against fact-based analysis, not theoretical wish lists.

Return on investment: a suitable measure of success?

ROI is only the first step. 1E drives cost savings that go beyond a simple ROI calculation. We deliver transformative results based on a complete overhaul of IT inefficiencies and stay engaged to ensure a process of continual optimization.

Can results like this really be quantified?

Validation of actual results against accurate projections, using real customer data, is central to the AOR methodology. It provides our clients with a clear view into the success of the engagement, so the true value is always clear.

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