Corporate Social Responsibility

At 1E, we endeavor to play a responsible part in the wider community. We have taken positive and significant steps to reduce global environmental impact and to help people in need.

Reducing organizations’ carbon footprint

We were a pioneer of Green IT twenty years ago. PCs used to be left on overnight in most offices. In the US alone, over $2bn was being wasted every year; in Europe €900m. We invested in research to reduce this waste and developed NightWatchman, the first PC power management solution. To date, we have saved organizations over $2.5bn in energy costs, which equates to the emissions produced by 8 coal power stations.

Providing access to education and healthcare for underprivileged children in India

We are a tools company and, as such, are committed to providing the right tools to people in need. Education to help underprivileged children and reduce gender inequality is a tool we invest in. Over the last 17 years, 1E has supported the education, and invested in the health, of children in Manav Mandir, India. Rather than just provide money, 1E has chosen to be deeply involved in helping the children grow into fulfilled young adults. 1E employs a full-time child psychologist to ensure the wellbeing of the children and many 1E staff volunteer to provide additional mentoring.

Fight for gender equality

1E also sponsors, and is actively involved in, a larger project to help reduce gender inequality. Half of humanity is women but there is little fundamental research into what motivations and interventions work in reducing gender inequality over time. 1E’s Fair Chance Foundation provides long-term support to Warwick and Delhi universities to conduct this vital research. Our goal is simple: we want more women achieve higher education qualifications and earn a decent wage.