Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in goodness. Goodness starts with the right tools, and we are committed to providing those tools to people in need. Dedicated to enhancing education, our efforts are focused on positively impacting the lives of underprivileged children across the globe. We are also devoted to improving our influence on the environment and we strive to reduce our customer’s carbon footprint, along with our own. We never sacrifice our values for the sake of short-term profit and are always determined to better ourselves so that future generations can benefit from our example.


Fair Chance Foundation

1E is the primary funder of the Fair Chance Foundation, whose aim is to improve the future livelihoods of disadvantaged children and young adults through education. The Fair Chance Foundation helps by directly funding education, and by promoting education as a means to a better life. 1E has committed to supporting several projects in India to help the foundation in their mission.

Manav Mandir Ashram

The Manav Mandir Ashram, located at Sarai Kale Khan, New Delhi provides a home for destitute and orphaned children. There are currently 26 children and young adults homed there.

1E has been supporting the ashram for almost 19 years since taking on responsibility for funding the children’s education in a private school, as well as providing after-school tutoring. We have also provided the ashram with a school bus. The first ever children from the ashram to go onto further education started going to university from 2012. Gaurav who has completed his bachelor’s degree in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences from Subharti University, Meerut, U.P., is currently working as a Doctor. In the last year, Ashok has been selected onto the HCL Training and Hiring Program and is working at HCL, Shikha is pursuing a B.A(Political Science honours) from Delhi University and Suparas is pursuing a Diploma in Pharmacy.

We are extremely proud of the children’s achievements and hope to see many more children thrive through their education over the coming years. The children are bright and motivated and have the determination to do well at school given the right opportunities.

In addition to looking after the educational needs of the children, we also believe in providing help in other interrelated areas. To promote their wellbeing, we have employed a full time Child Psychologist to look after the pastoral care of the children. We organise workshops by experts on diet and nutrition, career counselling, sex education, amongst others. We also organise picnics and outings for them.

We have also implemented a mentoring programme with volunteers from our Indian office to help guide the children in Classes 11 and 12 in their decisions and preparation for university and beyond.

During the pandemic we gave them several laptops and sponsored an internet connection so that their online studies were uninterrupted. Since outings are not possible, we organise monthly lunches for them.

We provide medical insurance for all the children and as part of this, they have a health check-up and receive the flu vaccination every year.

Our vision in working with the Manav Mandir Ashram is to ensure that all the children are able to provide for themselves and lead independent lives once they complete their education.

Research Project in partnership with the University of Warwick

1E is funding a research project in Haryana, India with the University of Warwick and several Indian partners, including the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) and the Centre for Policy Research in Higher Education (CPRHE) to discover what is limiting girls’ chances of taking advantage of increasing education and life opportunities available within the National Capital Region.

Our aim is to develop sustainable programmes which can provide impartial guidance so policy makers and governments can make informed choices about which interventions are likely to have most impact.

The project will include a bass line survey to establish assumptions and attitudes, dissemination of the survey findings and development of policy interventions, development and implementation of intervention plans, monitoring and assessment, and then dissemination of knowledge to policy makers with recommendations for action. We want to see more girls through higher education in India as we believe it will help improve their future livelihoods.

Innocent World Charitable Society

Masoom Duniya is a school for physically and mentally challenged children run by the Innocent World Charitable Society. It takes special care of children suffering from Down’s syndrome.

The school was founded in December 2004 in Dwarka by Mr. Nayal. The school is run from Mr. Nayal’s house who is extremely dedicated to serving the children. The 33 students attending the school suffer from a range of problems. 1E pays the salaries for a speech therapist and a psychologist to come in and train the children. A special educator is also employed to manage the program with the aim of teaching the students the different life skills required in their everyday lives.