Suraj Nagaraj

Vice President – Products

Motivated by customer-centric products that address real world problems and a deep sense of philanthropy, Suraj Nagaraj joined 1E in 2019 as the Vice President of Products. He holds an advanced degree in Machine Learning from The University of Warwick and an Executive MBA from the prestigious London Business School.

Suraj has a wealth of experience in building commercially successful products at start-ups and mature organizations like Raptor, Robert Bosch, Embed, McLaren F1, General Electric, Tractable & WaffleCUBE. With a family background in entrepreneurship and a die-hard fan of data driven analysis, Suraj has a natural flair for identifying consumer trends and performance patterns in products. Before joining 1E, he was jet-setting around the globe with Formula-1 drivers and race engineers trying to make sure they win. Suraj later spent some time running successful power transmission projects for the Government of India to bring power to remote parts of Northern India.

Outside of 1E, Suraj fundraises for underprivileged children in India through annual treks in the Himalayas, and uses this opportunity to actively work with children in the local communities there. He also enjoys spending time with family and advises on self-sustainable tech eco-systems that empower underprivileged communities with global opportunities.

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