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IT is too slow
IT staff don’t come in each day planning to do as little as possible. But the tools and processes they are forced to use are limiting and not up to the job. As a result, even simple tasks can take an age.

Good workers never blame their tools, but IT’s complex and resource hungry toolkits simply do not work at the same pace as digital businesses. This means major upgrades, important planned rollouts, urgent cyber fire drills or ‘quick little jobs’ all add one more task to the fastest-growing thing in IT…

The Eternal To-Do List

This is the permanent state of crisis common to all digital businesses. Urgent demands added to daily. By business leaders as they respond to shareholders, employees whose expectations are set by their consumer tech and an increasingly enthusiastic ecosystem of hackers who are leaders, in the lucrative and fast-changing business of business disruption.

The ground is constantly shifting below the IT experts struggling to tackle the Eternal To-Do list. Today some 43% of their workload is unplanned and unbudgeted. Planned IT demand grows 20% annually, IT budgets by just 5%. Future IT teams cannot possibly meet the expected, much less this unexpected demand.

Imagine how IT staff feel when told their own inefficiencies are to blame for this crisis. It is possible for IT to take control of their to-do list. If only the tools to support them used today were less complex and resource-hungry

1E changes all this with its real-time platform, Tachyon.

Out breakthrough? We realised a single packet exchange is all that is needed for most IT operations. Nothing can be faster, simpler or more reliable. Useful when speed is of the essence, as it so often is in IT.

User experience, stays current, service desk requests are dealt with promptly and asset management and compliance are all the better for it.

With Tachyon, 1E has made a breakthrough. 1E software works in real-time, in the real world. Our sole focus is to help IT teams’ burn though the tasks on IT’s Eternal To-Do list. We have made the new normal in IT from delayed to done already. This how IT should have always been.

Welcome to 1E. Technology built ground up for IT experts by IT experts

During one thousand engineer years of R&D, we’ve created millions of lines of code with the best-practices we learnt all built-in ready for real-time deployment. We registered over 40 patents in the process. Today, our real-time task automation software helps 30 million endpoints across 1,750 organizations today.

IT’s Eternal To-Do List is never going away, but the ways to attack it are here today and evolving fast. 1E provides starts and finishes IT tasks within the same context, without interruption to complete them instantly. Processes are much simpler when results are real-time, transparent and trusted with no ill-effects to your network, endpoints or business.

1E’s real-time technology, lets you accept the Eternal To-Do list is here to stay, helps you master it and because you have, even love it a little.

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