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Tim Knight

Chief Marketing Officer

Tim Knight joined 1E in June 2018 and is responsible for the group’s global marketing & corporate communications function.

Tim brings over 25 years’ experience to this role gained from working within some of the most successful organizations in the software industry.

After gaining a BSc in Mathematics & Computer Science, Tim spent time working for technology leaders Oracle Corporation, Siebel Systems and

Tim joined Salesforce prior to its IPO in 2004 where he was initially responsible for the company’s European Product Marketing & Communications Strategy.

Prior to joining, Tim spent 6 years as a director within Siebel’s EMEA sales and technology organizations as well as 5 years in senior positions within Oracle Corporation.

After leaving, Tim co-founded CloudApps as Chief Marketing Officer in 2009. During his tenure, the organization successfully built and launched multiple cloud-based products. The sustainability business unit of CloudApps was successfully sold during 2017.