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1E’s services are dedicated to simplifying and speeding up the entire software lifecycle, from the user request and automated delivery, to the management, retirement, and reclaim of software for the world’s largest and most distributed businesses.

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Analyze, Optimize, Realize

AOR methodology combines 1E’s award-winning technology with our unrivalled domain expertise to reduce IT waste and deliver on-going measurable cost savings to our clients.

1E’s experienced team of Consultants and IT Financial Analysts have a proven track record of IT cost optimization while increasing efficiency. Rigorous analysis of technical infrastructure is developed into straight-forward, accurate reports to identify opportunities and verify cost savings.

We continuously revisit and reassess savings projections as part of our constant drive to reduce IT waste. This on-going approach ensures that every party is satisfied with the results, and we’re proud of the deep, lasting relationships we’ve built with our clients along the process.


Choosing to use our solutions is the first step to achieving measurable savings throughout your IT operations. Our Professional Services team will ensure 1E products and solutions – Nomad, Shopping, AppClarity and NightWatchman – are all implemented proficiently to enable you to gain maximum benefits from the outset.

With Training from 1E, you and your operational teams will get a thorough understanding of your own implementation and discover how the value of 1E solutions can be maximized year after year, whether you are working with Software License Optimization, conducting a Windows Migration, an SCCM upgrade, establishing an enterprise app store or deploying PC power management.


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