Choosing to use our solutions is the first step to achieving measurable savings throughout your IT operations. Our Professional Services team will ensure 1E products and solutions – Nomad, Shopping, AppClarity and NightWatchman – are all implemented expertly to enable you to gain maximum benefits from the outset.

Implementing and using our products

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AppClarity Course Outline

NightWatchman Course Outline

Nomad Course Outline

Shopping Course Outline

With Training from 1E, you and your operational teams will get a thorough understanding of your own implementation and discover how the value of 1E solutions can be maximized year after year, whether you are working with Software License Optimization, conducting a Windows Migration, an SCCM upgrade, establishing an enterprise app store or deploying PC power management.

Our approach to your learning

We deliver instructor-led courses designed to equip technical people responsible for implementing 1E products and solutions – Nomad, Shopping, AppClarity and NightWatchman – into our customer environments with the required knowledge and practice.

Our instructors have several years of real-world experience and attendees are actively encouraged to question and contribute from their own personal point of view.

Instruction on essential concepts is reinforced through carefully prepared practical exercises (around 70% of learning is through hands-on labs). Trainees are then encouraged to explain key concepts and features back to their colleagues, enabling them to confirm or adjust their understanding in addition to reinforcing their knowledge.

Each course is conducted over two days and can be attended in person at one of our training facilities in London or New York, or via Webex. It includes a primer for the platform on which our products are built, and covers the basics of each product’s architecture with plenty of hands-on exercises to grasp the steps on installing, configuring, and using them.

For up to two days after attending the course, each user will have access to a dedicated training lab for further learning and practice. Also, there is on-going access to our 1E Learning Portal where users can view useful training materials and videos.


All trainees are eligible to take our certification exams associated with each solution at no extra cost.

Where do I go from here

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Frequently asked questions

$2000 (£1300) per learner per course. If you have 4 or more learners, a 20% discount is applicable.
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Take a look at the course outline to see what is covered in the course you are considering. Bear in mind that you may have been working with an older version, so may not be aware of or benefiting from new features. There is always something new to learn, but if you are still not sure, why not have a go at the certification exam free of charge? If you pass, then you certainly know your stuff! If not, perhaps the course would be beneficial.
1E Support are there to address specific issues you have raised with them. Our consultants are engaged to deliver specific deliverables, sure you will pick things up from them along the way, but you won’t get a structured top-to-toe understanding of the solution unless that is specifically defined as a deliverable of the engagement. It is your own personal knowledge and understanding that is going to make you ultimately successful.
Our Technical Level 1 program is designed to cover architecture and implementation as well as everyday usage. A good understanding of what is going on ‘behind the scenes’ can enhance your overall understanding of the product, but this can often get too technical for those who are using the application through the console as a tool to get the job done. We have run a few classes (typically 1 day) where we only cover the functional / operational aspects of the solution, so if you are interested in such a class, please get in touch.

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