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1E and Datadog Integration: Providing full-stack visibility into users’ digital experience

1E is now LIVE on Datadog’s integrations page

At 1E, we provide our customers with the tools they need to create an incredible digital employee experience (DEX) for their users. Providing a positive DEX for employees is a critical initiative for many businesses currently and in the future who strive to increase employee productivity and satisfaction. As a 1E and Datadog customer, you can now improve the DEX for your users through 1E’s real-time insights and critical device data in Datadog’s dashboards.

Employee productivity and retention hinge on users having a good experience with the technology they use daily. As such, businesses are more focused than ever on their DEX strategies.

Forrester states, “With many employees continuing to rely heavily on technology to connect them to their company’s culture, coworkers, and customers from outside the traditional office, the importance of digital employee experience (DEX) will only grow.”

However, digital friction can create a negative employee experience resulting in employee unhappiness and productivity loss.

As the need for DEX strategy increases, companies need additional data and insights. With 1E’s data inside of Datadog dashboards, IT administrators can now view key DEX metrics across their entire landscape in one central location.

Details of Functionality

With the new 1E and Datadog integration, users can view device data in a single pane. This provides full visibility for an administrator when exploring device issues and understanding their users’ experience. 1E provides critical information straight from each device to Datadog, where out-of-the-box dashboards allow you to analyze data from across your entire system in a single pane.

1E gathers and provides data including proprietary DEX, performance, stability, responsiveness, and sentiment scores. This is as well as the number of software crashes, number of software hangs, service failures, device count, and other key metrics to help administrators identify and remediate device issues.

After analyzing Datadog dashboards, users can complete their investigation into device issues using 1E’s Endpoint Troubleshooting or Endpoint Automation solutions to quickly understand the root cause of device issues and remediate them automatically. IT Administrators have access to proactive and mass remediation through these tools that are a crucial consideration when it comes to DEX.

How to get started: Technical requirements

Mutual 1E and Datadog customers can immediately access this integration through the Datadog marketplace.


The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022

The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022