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1E at Green IT Expo 2011: good things do come in small packages

Green IT Expo The 1E team came away from Green IT Expo this year having started a lot of good conversations with prospective customers who are looking to take control of energy management in their datacenters and across their PC and Mac estates.
Among this close-knit circle of Green IT and sustainable business stakeholders, the NightWatchman brand speaks for itself, but if you haven’t yet heard of 1E, NightWatchman Enterprise is the industry-leading, most comprehensive, advanced PC power management solution on the market today. Its sister product NightWatchman Server Edition is the current holder of the Green IT product of the year award for energy management in the datacenter. So far, 1E has helped its 1,400 customers, including Arup, Aviva, HSBC and Newham University Hospitals NHS Trust save more than £345 million in energy costs alone, cutting CO2 emissions by 4.1 million metric tons.
It’s hard to ignore the savings that can be made. PCs and servers account for around 60% of total organizational IT power consumption, and yet:

  • On average one sixth (15%) of servers are not doing any useful work, meaning that approximately £15 billion is wasted each year on unused servers. In CO2 terms, that’s 11.8 million tons – the same amount produced by 2.1 million cars – which is being emitted needlessly. Using an energy management solution like NightWatchman to rein in non-productive servers stands to produce $3.8 billion in energy cost savings alone.
  • At least in 50% of those who use a PC at work typically do not to shut down at the end of the day or over the weekend. Yet there are clear savings to be made – a one night shut down of the world’s one billion PCs would save enough energy to power the Empire State Building for 30 years. NightWatchman® Enterprise has been licensed across 5.1 million PCs around the world, saving on average £25 per PC per year.

Andy Hawkins, product manager presented to a crowded auditorium and his IT Efficiency: Practical Recommendations from the Front Line session at 11.30 was very well received.
We also had the satisfaction that there was a very excited buzz around stand #27, where 1E pitched up. All in all, this was another successful event for 1E.
If you’re interested in finding out more about 1E or getting a copy of Andy Hawkins’ presentation, please drop us a line at [email protected]


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