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1E customers Fairfax County and West Virginia Office of Technology win in the InfoWorld Green 15 Awards

Info World Green The annual InfoWorld Green 15 awards recognize the 15 most innovative IT initiatives that fall under this umbrella of sustainability. This year, 1E customers Fairfax County and West Virginia Office of Technology were honored for eliminating excess in IT while enhancing environmental stewardship!

2011 Green 15 winner: Fairfax County Government
Serving one of the largest counties in the United States, the Fairfax County Government launched several IT projects to save tax dollars and decrease the county’s carbon footprint, including a 1E PC power management deployment to automatically shut down 14,000-plus end-user PCs across 55 offices when not in operation.
Fairfax also deployed Nomad Enterprise to deliver operating system upgrades, software deployments, and patches to PCs, servers, and sites without disruption. What’s more, the country rolled out a self-service software deployment portal through which users can locate and install software without requiring IT staff to visit their office.
The county has realized $300,000 in savings from its PC power management initiative alone. Further, the county’s IT staff can spend more time working on IT duties — and less time wasting fuel and visiting end-users to tinker with their machines.

2011 Green 15 winner: West Virginia Office of Technology
Tax dollars in West Virginia are being used more efficiently, thanks to a series of green IT investments by the state’s office of technology.
On the desktop level, the WVOT deployed 1E PC power management software to 15,000-plus computers, spread among 75 agencies at 1,075 locations. Automating PC shutdowns will save the state an estimated $500,000 per year by 2012. The state is also exploring the use of virtual desktops to reduce energy consumption costs even more.
On the back end, the WVOT launched a consolidation and virtualization effort, migrating 17,000 of the 20,000 state agency employees from a variety of disparate email systems to a central email environment, resulting in a significant reduction of legacy servers.
The WVOT’s 1E Nomad Enterprise deployment for delivering patches, software, and OS upgrades has saved the state from investing in hundreds of new servers for its remote locations. The rollout of centralized Web and voice services, videoconferencing systems, and desktop e-faxing has also increased worker productivity, while saving the state significant expenses through reduced travel.


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