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Movin’ on up: 1E expands NYC offices in luxury Manhattan relocation

Movin’ on up: 1E expands NYC offices in luxury Manhattan relocation

While other organizations are struggling to find the right hires, our employee-boom was causing growing pains in our previous location, 5 Penn in midtown, New York City. Although the previous Manhattan office was not without its charms, we simply outgrew the space. Our team, as it happened, was growing. A lot!

The growth spurt meant that we had to find a new home. One that could accommodate our bourgeoning team as well as meeting spaces for client interface and offices for our executives.

A 14-month long search began. The HR team had to take into account the current staff’s concerns (location, location, location!), as well as find the best bang for the buck. As it happened, the new spot was the luxury building across the street, 1 Penn. The only downside? The space was completely raw. Everything had to be built, from the floors to the walls, to where the outlets would be. The team knew this would not be an easy process. After long months of meetings, approvals, back and forth decisions, and a whole lot of choices, we could finally make the transition. The new NYC offices offer floor-to-ceiling windows, polished floors, and a noise-reduction ceiling.

BDM Matt McKenna takes an evening call from his desk in the new NYC offices.

The posh new space comes at the perfect time: with 65 new hires this year, 2 of which are returning employees, the HR team expects to see almost double that the next year.

Our HR Coordinator in the US, Alana Fallis, calls the move “an amazing upgrade.” She continued to say that, “This move is like turning over a new leaf for our New York office. The scope of this project was enormous: we designed every little detail down to the color of every cable. Watching the staff walk in beaming with pride made it all worth it. This new office is the achievement of all of us, and we couldn’t have made this move without every single person’s contribution to the business. We’re growing, we’re improving, and our presence is just going to keep getting bigger!”

 View outside the 27th floor of the 1E offices

The absolute necessity of the move is compounded by the growth in sales.  Our CEO Sumir Karayi reflected on the expansion, “In 2018, we are on track for 40% growth and have built the sales engine to ensure we can continue to deliver this growth rate going into 2019 and beyond. These are exceptional levels of growth.”
Things are happening at 1E. So, as they say, watch this space!


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