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1E for Microsoft Intune: Real-Time Visibility and Actions for Microsoft Intune

Since its release, organizations have been turning to 1E for Microsoft Intune to maintain device connection and integrate real-time capabilities into Microsoft Intune. It enables organizations to uphold a standardized baseline, respond promptly to critical issues, and ensure optimal client health.

The introduction of an interactive dashboard yields the following enhancements:

  • Observe real-time insights in a dynamic and user-friendly interface.
  • Assess the financial impact of avoiding support tickets and minimizing disruptions to both IT operations and end-users.
  • Automatically classify devices into compliant, problematic, and non-compliant statuses. This allows for a more proactive approach to device maintenance.

Explore how 1E for Microsoft Intune offers tailored solutions to make the most of your Intune investment.

Navigating the complexities of Intune management

Organizations grappling with increased support costs and end-user downtime—particularly due to client health issues—find themselves held back by Intune’s limited control options. Obtaining necessary information, such as inventory details, and providing compliance becomes a daunting task.

The lack of insight into real-time patch status amplifies security risks. Guaranteeing 100% visibility across the entire device environment proves challenging with Intune. Supplementary tools are often required to address blind spots and streamline patching processes efficiently.

Efforts to ensure endpoint compliance, especially for critical services like Windows Defender, Defender Firewall, Secure Boot, BitLocker, and OneDrive, demand increased manual attention. Organizations need tools that support proper status configuration, continuous updates, and sync status monitoring to maintain compliance effectively.

Furthermore, the absence of normalized inventory data in Microsoft Intune means that software inventory isn’t separated into functional categories or differentiated between licensable and free software. Establishing a normalized and reliable source of software and hardware inventory data is instrumental for informed decision-making.

The current eight-hour sync window provided by Intune often falls short in critical situations that demand immediate action, such as detecting misconfigurations, addressing zero-day threats, or correcting compliance drift. Real-time visibility and granular control emerge as essential components for effective security and operational management. These components help organizations stay ahead of potential threats and end-user impacts are minimized.

The advantages of enhancing Intune with 1E

Implementing 1E for Microsoft Intune allows granular control for modernized management. Improving an Intune-managed environment with real-time actions reduces incident volumes, eliminates unnecessary costs, and minimizes downtime while improving user experience and device security.

1E for Microsoft Intune delivers the following benefits:

Reduce support cost and user downtime

Automating the remediation of issues decreases the number of service desk tickets, translating into saved time and resources that would otherwise be spent manually fixing issues. Administrators benefit from centralized policy control. It enables them to maintain device health, provide consistent compliance, and manage deployments efficiently, resulting in smoother operations.

Improve end-user experience

1E helps Intune operate consistently, ensuring prompt delivery of updates and software installations when needed. This not only enhances user satisfaction but also contributes to a more productive and efficient digital workspace. Real-time client health monitoring and consistent syncing further streamline operations.

Enhance endpoint security

Security concerns are effectively addressed with 1E for Microsoft Intune’s real-time visibility, fast vulnerability response, and precise control capabilities. These features enable organizations to maintain a consistent baseline, meet compliance requirements, and reduce potential risks. Ultimately, this creates a secure and compliant IT environment.

Improve environment visibility

1E provides improved insight into the IT environment through normalized inventory data. This enhanced visibility supports decision-making, troubleshooting, and software and hardware resource management. The ability to quickly identify and resolve issues, coupled with the efficient allocation of resources, elevates control and reliability.

Enhance operational efficiency

Streamline Intune management capabilities with 1E for Microsoft Intune’s real-time visibility and granular control. This results in less manual work, quicker responses to critical issues, and improved resource usage, creating a more functional digital workspace.

If you’re interested in learning more about our solution and how it can benefit your organization, get in touch today! We’ll provide additional information and answer any questions you may have.


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