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Do you know about 1E’s Graduate Training Scheme?


You may not know it but 1E operates a Graduate Training Scheme within our software engineering department. We have run this program since 2012 and have recently inducted our second set of graduates.
Though it might not seem obvious why, and perhaps even strange, but the Engineering Graduate Training Scheme isn’t just targeted at Computer Science graduates. Rather it is about finding candidates oozing with potential who are bursting with eagerness to learn about all aspects of software development. Clearly they need some knowledge of computers and programming, but we want to help them develop. You don’t have to be the most technically able candidate, just show your potential and an enthusiasm to learn.
We take on up to three candidates annually and provide them with a flexible, personalized, training structure to develop a variety of skills required in software engineering. They get exposed to everything from quality assurance and automation techniques, through to software development and operational support.
Initially candidates work alongside a mentor from the QA team and begin to understand how Agile Development works in a real world environment. Utilizing a proactive, hands-on approach we look for them to gain real world exposure as early as possible, assigning them to work on actual live projects and be treated as any other member of the Engineering Team.
We endeavor to foster their talent and present opportunities to them to become brilliant.  It’s up to them to demonstrate their commitment, enthusiasm and ability – their progress throughout the Graduate Training Scheme is very much under their own control. As software engineering has many facets, we will always try and help them towards the path that they finally decides suits them most, be that as a Software Engineer or any of the other role in our engineering team. We aim to allow our candidates to develop to their full potential and become valuable members of the 1E Engineering Team.
Ed Walsh, one of the 2012 intake, says “Joining the 1E Graduate Training Scheme has given me the chance to learn from extremely talented individuals, and in doing so has greatly improved my skill set and shown me how much more there is to learn past university. I truly enjoy working at 1E and feel that I have progressed extremely well in my professional career, not just through gains in technical knowledge but also through experience of working in an agile development environment and as part of an exceptionally talented team.”
Moyo Lawal, another of the initial intake in 2012, adds, “After finishing university, it is fair to say I had no experience in the IT industry. The 1E Graduate Training Scheme has provided me with the right platform to advance in the IT industry. You get to learn from people that are greatly experienced in the fields they work in. There is also more to the Graduate Training Scheme than just work. You get the option to undertake any project of your choice, and play around with different technologies. The 1E Graduate Training Scheme is definitely an experience that will remain with me for life.”


The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022

The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022