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1E launches AppClarity™ to target $15bn of software waste in the United States and United Kingdom

New solution enables organizations to identify, financially quantify and eliminate wasted software, to find immediate cost efficiencies
London & New York – 14th April 2011 – 1E, the global leader in IT efficiency software today announced the launch of the eagerly anticipated, AppClarity. Leveraging Microsoft® System Center Configuration Manager 2007, AppClarity identifies, financially quantifies and eliminates software waste within organizations of any size.
Developed to empower organizations to only use – and pay for – the software and licenses they need, AppClarity intelligently transforms complex software data into actionable results. Simple and quick to implement, AppClarity starts to achieve savings within one month by:

  • Identifying software waste – instant, actionable analysis of all applications identifies all software sitting unused on PCs and reconciles that number with actual licenses purchased.
  • Financially quantifying wasted software – assigning a cost to software and licenses helps eliminate unnecessary spend and reduces overall license liability, empowering organizations to only use – and pay for – the software and licenses they need.
  • Enabling user-centric software license reclaim – allowing end users to make informed decisions about the software they have installed, but are not using. Administrators can also define policy for `silent` reclaim of prohibited applications. This fully automated license reclaim, ensures that organizations get the most value from their software investments by reallocating licenses to the people who really need them.
  • Reporting savings – accurate, in-depth analysis of software usage clearly demonstrates where cost efficiencies can be made.

Sumir Karayi, CEO of 1E comments, “There is $15bn of preventable and ongoing costs associated with unused software and shelfware within organizations in the United States and the United Kingdom. On average, there is $400 worth of installed yet unused software per PC and the reason for this is simple. Rather than focusing on efficiency, IT professionals are driven by compliance pressures. They also have to interpret complex terms and conditions within multiple complicated vendor contracts. They are simply over licensing and buying more and more software than they need, just in case. We are bringing AppClarity to market today to address this.”
“AppClarity looks to be another exciting product from 1E, a key feature of which gives a clear view of application compliance by detailing license count against install amount. This gives a much needed transparency so that additional unnecessary expenditure doesn`t occur, and which allows us to reallocate unused licenses around the global business,” comments Richard Barnes, Associate, Automation Team Leader, Arup.
“Another feature that stands out is the detection of installed but unused software. This is an administrative nightmare with software worth thousands sitting dormant on computers – an imbalance that is often hard to identify, let alone tackle. AppClarity will be tightly integrated into Microsoft® Configuration Manager, enabling us to maximize our existing investment in the platform and reveal the information we need to improve our software efficiency levels,” continues Barnes.
In association with the International Association of Information Technologies (IAITAM) and the federation Against Software Theft Investors in Software ( FASTIiS ), 1E is also announcing today the results of an independent study into software efficiency. The research was conducted by Opinion Matters in March 2011 and is available for download from the 1E Content Hub. To see the headline statistics, please read 1E`s announcement in the 1E Media Center.


AppClarity is available immediately. Please visit or call +44 (0)20 8326 3880 or US/Canada Toll Free +1 866 592 4214 for more information.

About 1E

1E believes that every one of its customers should expect more from their IT. Founded in 1997, 1E pioneered advanced PC power management with the release of ground-breaking solutions like NightWatchman® and WakeUp™. That innovative approach has continued with the development of revolutionary concepts like Useful Work™, Drowsy Server® and Computer Health™ as part of a unique range of industry-leading solutions. Headquartered in London and New York and with 20 million licenses deployed world-wide, over 1400 organizations in 42 countries have trusted us to help them to work effectively, productively and sustainably. To date, we have helped our customers save in excess of $550m in energy costs alone, cutting CO2 emissions by 4.5 million tons. We have many imitators, but there is only one 1E. For more information, please visit 1E and follow us on Twitter


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