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1E Nomad versus the Texas Winter

The past couple winters have been tough for a lot of people. Not only has the East coast of the US has been hammered by snow storm after snow storm, ice, and cold – there’s even been significant snow accumulations in Texas of all places! When I was in New York city a few weeks ago, snow was coming down at a 3 inch per hour pace. That’s incredible. I was forced to stay an extra night, and started out on a long, grueling travel day early the next morning.
Newyork Starbucks According to news coverage, this may actually be the new norm. I wouldn’t go as far as to categorize these feats of nature as disasters (yeah – I’m not a scientist), but if this is the new norm, has anyone considered the effect weather of this type has on business? To some businesses, it really could be considered a disaster unless they are prepared for the new norm.
Rough weather of any sort can force office workers to be stranded at home. Thankfully, technology has progressed to the point where employees can work at home if it’s needed, but even that is limited somewhat. What happens when a large, critical software package or security update needs to be delivered to all computers in an organization, no matter their location or connection type? During severe weather, many employees will be “dialed in” over VPNs which have limited pipes, as do their home Internet connections. To expand on this a bit, say an employee was in the office the day before, a large software package distribution was initiated, but the user logged-off and went home before it was able to complete. What then?
This is where Nomad Enterprise comes in!
Nomad provides a dynamic content location process to intelligently understand the location of the employee, whether at work or home. It grabs pieces of a software or update distribution when connected and then restarts later when the connection is restored. Additionally, due to Nomad’s dynamic bandwidth throttling and awareness, connection links are protected against saturation and consuming too many network resources. This allows business workers to operate at their home office (or any remote location) without interruption and allows the IT staff to operate as normal, not having to worry that a critical distribution has to wait until a storm or other event is over.
Of course, Nomad has many other benefits, as well, but this is just another reason why Nomad is so valuable and critical to the business. Business continuity and preparedness is key to any business plan.
Be prepared for the new norm, or whatever else may happen. Check out our Nomad product when you get a chance.

“Nomad from 1E is used to extend the capabilities of our strategic desktop management solution. It now handles around 99% of all of our software deployments and patch updates to our 300,000+ desktop and laptop machines.” Gary M Phillips, Global Head of IT Operations, HSBC

You can learn more about Nomad on our product page.


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