1E Product Suite–ConfigMgr 2012 Support: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

The team at 1E has been working closely with the ConfigMgr 2012 team since April this year enhancing the 1E product suite via Design Change Requests (DCR’s), bug reports and beta programs with existing customers. Since the first ConfigMgr beta release, numerous hooks have been added to both ConfigMgr 2012 and 1E software that allows it to invoke 1E software to enhance the functionality of this great product. This integration is seamless and there are no clunky consoles or external applications that bypass the core functions of the ConfigMgr product.
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Nomad Enterprise supports the new Application Model and System Center Endpoint Protection updates in addition to the existing packages and programs, software updates and task sequences, not only in the normal environment (full OS) but also in the OSD environment. Remote Differential Compression (block level difference), a feature added to Nomad 4.0 in June this year along with all other features including bandwidth throttling, Peer and Multicast distribution, to mention but a few, work exactly as advertised with all the above updates and software distribution functions in the environments above. A native x64 Nomad client ensures it is always working in sync with the native ConfigMgr client now available as x64 – you hardly notice it is there. The admin console extensions that have been provided allow you to enhance the client settings, software updates or software distribution settings within ConfigMgr to allow it to invoke Nomad when needed.
If you are embarking on a Windows 7/8 migration we would seriously encourage you to consider Nomad Enterprises
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PXE Lite component for bare-metal builds as well as our user self-service portal (Shopping) and application rationalization solution (AppClarity) to make software deployments easier than ever before while reducing software costs and user downtime.
NightWatchman Enterprise PC power management solution has been enhanced to understand User Device Affinity so that machines can be woken up using the last-man and multi-agent functions, monitored and powered down based on applications targeted at device or user collections. Policies are evaluated quicker and hence software delivery is accelerated.
We have had an early adopter program (EAP) in place since May where some notable customers have been putting the beta releases through its paces and providing some valuable feedback as we progress through the various Release Candidates.
The development journey has been extremely productive and we are excited about the launch of ConfigMgr 2012. We would like to thank the team at Microsoft for allowing us to collaborate so closely. This has enabled us to enhance our solutions alongside them developing their own. Together, we provide greater business value for our customers, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
1E is committed to full ConfigMgr 2012 support 90 days after RTM, this will apply to all 1E products. However, if you are interested in joining the beta program for any of the products please contact the 1E team directly.


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