1E Stories: Our people, our voice


Being in the tech world has specific connotations—you instantly think of computers, futuristic gadgets, and really really REALLY smart people. It can be intimidating! But that’s one of the reasons why 1E is not your typical tech company.
We have people from all walks of life who have come together to form a powerhouse company that believes in the promotion of intelligence, community, and education.
We also love to learn about people and what their passions are. Through various departments, we have brought forth videos that we call Stories, to showcase how the dynamic team that makes up 1E bridges gaps, donates their time, solves problems, and advances technology to create faster and better IT solutions for enterprise businesses.
You may recall Nita, who works in our HR department in London. Her 1E journey didn’t start as your typical foray into technology. Watch her Story here:
And who could forget Moyo? “The man who can do it all”? Moyo’s Story reminds us that there’s no job too small or too big for someone to finish and finish it well.
1E wouldn’t be complete without people like Austin. Austin’s Story started him with humble beginnings but quickly grew him into a self-motivated dynamo.
Which leads us to our latest Story, our VP of Channel and Corporate Sales, Ben. Because of Ben, our team has grown, fostered new relationships with customers, and has transformed 1E in positive and inspirational ways. Watch his story now!


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