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1E Tachyon 8 – The SaaS platform for active Digital Employee Experience Management


We’re very excited to introduce our latest release of Tachyon that emphasizes our commitment towards analytics-driven automation for the digital workplace. Our focus continues to be on driving rapid value for all enterprises. How? Through solutions that accelerate IT’s journey from insights to actions, centered on driving increased employee engagement, productivity, and a more efficient IT support function.
Let’s take this opportunity to highlight several quite powerful new features of the 1E Tachyon version 8 release. These will empower your efforts to enable an effective digital workplace ecosystem that works for, and continuously adapts to, the expectations of your organization’s employees.
First of all, in this latest release we have expanded the data collection, analytics and actionable insights into the elements that are impacting the overall user productivity and experience. Put simply, we have broadened the out of the box content for network analytics, device start up analytics and application insights.
The analytics (and richness of data upon which they rely) enable organizations to gain 360-degree insights into their employee IT ecosystem: providing visibility into related pain-points and supporting the move into a modern workplace focused on employee productivity and frictionless IT.
We have also added new capabilities to the rich toolbox that allows various IT personas – such as Experience Engineers or End-user Computing administrators – to uncover, rapidly and at scale, the root cause of performance and experience degradation in the enterprise.
While we have continued to expand on the automated 1E Tachyon Explorer instructions for root cause analysis and investigations, we have brought forward the ability to perform side by side device comparisons, as well as placing devices on an enterprise-wide quadrant. This enables a more rapid correlation between a user experience issue and various performance metrics, in addition to being able to visually understand how a specific device compares to its peers in an organization.
These newly added capabilities underscore, once again, our continuous commitment to accelerate the path to experience improvement for any modern enterprise.
Another set of key capabilities that 1E Tachyon 8 brings is represented by the significant changes we have made to the User Engagement solution. In this release, we have launched a new way of interacting with the end-users through a very versatile capability called Announcements – now part of a newly redesigned solution called User Engagements.
The principle upon which we redesigned the entire User Engagement component of 1E Tachyon is that we want to empower users of our platform to execute context-aware employee interactions.
For example, the ability to validate employees’ reactions to an upcoming change, review their perception of that change afterwards, engage with them to run awareness campaigns and drive adoption on new capabilities. You could even use the same functionality to allow your employees to self-serve their common help desk requests or provide them the opportunity to self-heal common issues that may vary persona to persona.
The newly launched Announcements feature allows both IT and non-IT personas to leverage the Tachyon platform and send one-way communications back to their employees. These communications that can be used for a large variety of purposes, ranging from organizational announcements, enterprise campaigns, IT and non-IT change management processes and many more. This new feature also allows for richer personalization of communications content and display, enabling any organization to align these employee interactions with their own corporate branding, style and culture.
We’re continuously listening to the feedback and requests from our customers and partners, and, in doing so, have also completely redesigned the 1E Client presence on the end-user devices.
The client now offers a more customizable user interface that can be used by employees to visit device information, and review or interact with announcements and surveys. It also provides immediate access to IT Service Management self-service capabilities, through the newly developed secure integration with ServiceNow.
This release contains so many new features and usability enhancements and we can’t wait to share all of them with you. Many of these are an outcome of continuous feedback and input from our platform users, and we wanted to use this opportunity to thank them for helping us continuously evolve our DEX solution, 1E Tachyon.


The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022

The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022