Posted in several places today, news outlets are promoting Gartner’s recent comments on the top 10 IT challenges for the next cycle of cycles. It’s always amazing to me how well 1E is positioned to solve a lot of the upcoming challenges for organizations. It’s great to be visionary!

Immediately, I see 3 different areas where our solutions are already available to meet the challenges that you’ll face. I’ve outlined them here and also given some links of interest for each one based on how we’ve covered this even recently.

Three: Energy efficiency and monitoring. There’s an emerging market of tools for energy monitoring and efficiency, with more than 25 vendors in this market. These tools monitor consumption at the device level or application level. A savings of just a few percent can make a difference. Gartner estimates that a 25,000 square-foot data center consumes about $4.1 million in energy each year.

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Eight: Compute and data center density. Users are trying to increase density in their data centers to avoid the cost of expansion or building a new one. IT managers are, in some cases, upgrading hardware faster to the next server generation, which includes more servers in a single rack, to take advantage of the increase performance at less power while increasing data center density.

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Nine: Cloud computing. Through the creation of private clouds and by brokering cloud services, cloud computing is turning IT into a service delivery role.

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