Richard Threlkeld, Technical Product Manager, and Mike Terrill, Systems Management Practice Lead, have delivered the first of the two part OSD technical deep dive training sessions. The sessions covered how Nomad 2012 integrates with SCCM 2012 and how easy it is to work with the integrated task sequence steps to create your own OS deployments.

Here is a brief recap of the points covered:

  • Nomad basics such as Reverse QoS, multicast, Peer to Peer, etc
  • In depth configuration of MDT task sequences with Nomad 2012 OSD Task Sequence extensions
  • Expert thoughts and discussions around strategies for doing OSD
  • UDI step through and modifications with Nomad 2012

Session two of the training is scheduled for today Wednesday November 14, 2012 at PST 8am, EST 11am, GMT 16:00, CET 17:00

The second session will discuss:

  • Advanced architecture and deployment of PXE Everywhere with zero administration
  • Details of the PXE booting process and peer backup scenarios
  • Microsoft Disaster and Recovery Tools (DaRT) and OSD troubleshooting
  • Nomad Reporting
  • The full 1E OSD solution with demo covering application mapping and software version sprawl reduction

Be sure to register and we’ll continue delving deeper into other technical aspects of OSD:

Dave Fuller
Dave joined 1E in 1999 when it was just a handful of consultants. Specializing in enterprise desktop management, Dave worked on some of the largest global SMS and SCCM implementation projects. As 1E started to develop software, Dave was involved in the design, testing, documentation, selling and implementation of the 1E product portfolio. With a passion for learning and educating others, Dave created and delivered several training courses throughout his early 1E career and in 2012 he took the initiative to set up a brand new 1E Training practice that has seen hundreds of people from over 20 countries trained and certified on 1E software. Dave now works in the Product Marketing team at 1E, leading our Windows 10 technical team to make Windows 10 migration easy for the enterprise.