nomad 2012 fast distribution fanout

1E is extremely proud and excited to announce that in a couple of weeks Nomad 2012 version 5.0 will be released. We have put in a lot of hard work and feel that in version 5.0 we differentiate ourselves even further from the market.

There are several changes in Nomad 2012 v5 however the two headlining features are FanOut mode and Single Site Download. These features directly address some challenges that our customers posed to us last summer:

  • The need to shape network traffic among multiple subnets without separate Administrative consoles
  • The ability to have multicast like functionality without implementing multicast
  • The need for reliability AND speed in deployments

These challenges are key for many organizations. Nomad 2012 has always been primarily about reliability and resiliency of content transfer but with IT organizations being under more pressure to deliver in tight time frames than ever before. Speed has become paramount, especially with the looming deadline to migrate off of Windows XP and to Windows 7. More organizations than ever before need the new features in Nomad 2012 to deliver solutions to their organization and revolutionize their System Center infrastructure.

As we release to market in the coming weeks you’ll see new videos, webinars, documentation, whitepapers and information outlining these new features and how to follow best practice for implementation. We hope you’re as excited as we are about this new release.

This is just more exciting news for the product that was just recently nominated for Networking Computer Awards 2013’s Infrastructure product of the year and for that, we’re incredibly proud of Nomad, our team and, as ever, our amazing customers.

Mike Terrill
Mike’s career has been focused around systems management (ConfigMgr) and operating system deployment for almost 20 years (ever since SMS v1.2). He founded and runs the Arizona Systems Management User Group ( He specializes in the design, architecture and installation of System Center Configuration Manager and also Windows operating system deployments. Mike has designed, architected and deployed System Center Configuration Manager in several Fortune 100 companies and has worked with some of the world's largest organizations (400K+ seats). Mike is now a Technology Architect at 1E. In this role, he provides technical direction for 1E technologies as they relate to Configuration Manager and operating system deployment. You can find him on twitter (@miketerrill) and read his personal blog at