1E Shopping 4.7 is now RTM

Hello everyone,

I’m pleased to announce that 1E Shopping 4.7 is now available.

It has four new enhancements:

OS Filtering™

OS filtering

As organizations progress with their Windows 7 migration project they can end up with a confusing situation where they don’t know which apps are supported on their new machine.

Shopping 4.7 now allows the apps presented to the user to be filtered by what’s compatible with their machine.

This new capability makes Shopping an even more essential solution to getting off XP before April 2014

Enhanced App Mapping

enhanced apps

The App Mapping feature, introduced in 2012 allows applications to be migrated as part of the Windows 7 process. The user will automatically get a replacement app based on their usage patterns and the app mapping rule configured by IT.

4.7 builds on this to give the admin a UI to configure the rules and allows different mapping rules for different departments or roles.

This feature requires the App Mapping solution which is comprised of Shopping, AppClarity and the App Mapping Solutions Accelerator.

2012 Migration Assistance

2012 migration

Many organizations are moving to SCCM 2012. For large organizations this may be a complex and lengthy process.

Shopping makes one aspect of this much simpler – Shopping can provide a single portal to cater to users on the new SCCM 2012 infrastructure in parallel with the legacy 2007 as each business unit is migrated during the transition process.

Extended Platform Support

extended platform support

Shopping 4.7 adds support for Windows 8 clients, Internet Explorer 10, Windows Server 2012 and System Center 2012 (including SP1)

I’d like to thank the amazing team we have here at 1E and all the hard work they’ve put into making some of the amazing additions in this release.

Troy Martin
Troy is a Technical Architect at 1E, which entails providing technical direction for 1E technologies, assuring their qualities in efficiently managing hardware, systems, users and other end points. Troy is well known in the Configuration Manager community as a speaker and subject matter expert. Working with some of the largest companies in the world as a consultant with 1E for 5 years, he has been involved with dozens of SCCM and Windows migrations and upgrades. Troy has been instrumental in collaborating with others at 1E to creating some of the core foundations of Software Lifecycle Automation (SLA) such as automated application rationalization and OSD mapping solution to name a couple. Many Fortune 500 companies have since benefited from SLA for their Windows migrations and are sure to take advantage of it during their ongoing migration to Windows 10.