4 hours, 32 minutes and 22 seconds. You can do a lot in this amount of time. You could watch the extended blue ray version of Lord of The Rings: Return of the King. You could watch over a sixth of a season of 24. You could even squeeze in a Super Bowl. Or you could just run a marathon like 1E CEO Sumir Karayi.

Sumir Karayi has just ran his first London Marathon in charity for BAAF on Sunday and, with the help of all of those of you out there who have charitably donated, has managed to raise more than £11,000. Whilst most marathon runners have a lot of time to fit in a regularly scheduled training regime – others unfortunately do not have that kind of luxury.

With meetings across continents, busy schedules, and not to mention the blur of activities that is called the Microsoft Management Summit in Las Vegas the week before the London Marathon, Sumir found it a challenge to find the time to properly train.

Sumir acknowledges that the hardest part of the marathon was the final few miles where he had to really reach deep within to keep his motivation up to keep running. With many people walking the last section of the marathon route, it would have been easy to just follow the rest of the crowd and just walk the final stretch but Sumir was resolved to carry on and finish strong.

Thanks again to all those who have contributed and those who supported Sumir’s run.

Dave Fuller
Dave joined 1E in 1999 when it was just a handful of consultants. Specializing in enterprise desktop management, Dave worked on some of the largest global SMS and SCCM implementation projects. As 1E started to develop software, Dave was involved in the design, testing, documentation, selling and implementation of the 1E product portfolio. With a passion for learning and educating others, Dave created and delivered several training courses throughout his early 1E career and in 2012 he took the initiative to set up a brand new 1E Training practice that has seen hundreds of people from over 20 countries trained and certified on 1E software. Dave now works in the Product Marketing team at 1E, leading our Windows 10 technical team to make Windows 10 migration easy for the enterprise.