Hello, I’m Dan O’Connor, the newly appointed Product Manager with responsibility for AppClarity for Desktops as a product and Security and Software Licence Optimization (SLO) from a broader technology focus. I am a married father of two, a keen cyclist, and an avid association football (soccer) fan. I have more than 10 years of customer-centric Product Management/Owner experience with a variety of Products and I am thrilled to have become part of the 1E family.

I haven’t always been involved in the technology space, after leaving school I joined the Royal Navy and became a Submariner. Although this particular career choice sounds incredibly exciting, most of the time it wasn’t. I spent a great deal of time maintaining the kit that I used on a day-to-day basis as well as polishing floors. My IT career started when I left the Royal Navy and became the IT Manager with responsibility for the IT infrastructure of a valve manufacturer based in Hoylake near Liverpool. From there I joined a software firm in the north UK and became the Product Manager for their flagship product and over time, the majority of their product set.

One thing I have learnt in my tenure as Product Manager is to listen to the market and our customers, if you do that, you will not go far wrong. It is that ethos that drew me to 1E as the company is all about the customer.

There are a number of products that 1E provides and each of them has been designed and built specifically to save customers money by allowing them to run IT for less. Whether your company wants empower the user base to download the applications they are entitled without the need for the IT department to get involved, or deliver SCCM content more efficiently with intelligent distribution or you want to enable BYOD in your organization and allow your users to bring in their own devices by providing them with a lightweight corporate image that can be used on any Mac or PC-based device, 1E can help.

The product for which I’m responsible is AppClarity, it helps save money by identifying and removing unused software. This process is called software license optimization (SLO) and can help companies save on average $400 per desktop.

If you would like to know more about the 1E product set and how we can help you run IT for less please contact us at info@1e.com

Gokul Raju
Gokul Raju is a Product Manager at 1E. Previously an Engineering Team Lead at 1E, Gokul is a techie at heart and passionate about delivering greater customer success. He works with customers and cross-functional teams within 1E to achieve this. Gokul has more than a decade’s experience working with Enterprise technology companies around Systems Management, Software Asset Management and Storage Management. Gokul holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University Of Pune. Away from work, Gokul is a traveler and a keen tennis player.