The NightWatchman management console has been designed to ensure ease of management of the NightWatchman clients and their power behaviour. Its intuitive design enables administrators to quickly define and implement power policies for clients with any level of granularity required.

1E will soon release the 7th generation of their ‘Best of Breed’ End Point Power Management solution ‘NightWatchman Enterprise’ with an exciting new search tool called the ‘Query UI’. The query interface allows administrators easy access to underlying power and inventory detail across all NightWatchman clients.

This allows administrators to run some fairly complex SQL queries automatically, using the built in Query options meaning they can find out exactly what is going on with their end points allowing businesses to make informed decisions based on the results that can now be extracted.

1E NightWatchman - Complete End Point visibility For example, within four clicks of the mouse, administrators can now see all the machines that have received a recently applied Power Policy, but more importantly they can identify machines which haven’t, allowing remediation times to be reduced so much quicker.

This can be further enhanced by easily extending its functionality with custom actionable extensions. The extensible interface allows the administrator to quickly and easily interrogate all NightWatchman resources and further streamline operations by allowing the creation and integration of custom command line tools to perform on demand actions on target clients.

For further information on NightWatchman version 7, please visit the NightWatchman Product Page at, or request a trial today.

Shawn Cardamon
Shawn is a Solutions Engineering Director at 1E.  Working with a strong team of engineers who specialize in aligning 1E solutions to eliminate IT challenges, assisting customers in driving greater business value. Prior to joining 1E in 2013, he worked for a major insurance provider administering Configuration Manager and subsequent IT products/services. Shawn has been working in systems management for over 10 years and participated in Microsoft’s Configuration Manager 2012 TAP. Since joining 1E, Shawn has worked to ensure his industry knowledge and field exposure ensure 1E solutions continue to evolve and innovate growth in the systems management industry proper with the help of the greater Solutions Engineering team.