EU Infographic
EU Infographic

“Gone are the days when we could stand on our own, against the world.” – Steven Hawking

Like most businesses, 1E is not exactly falling over itself to get involved in political issues. However, as a global business headquartered in the UK, next week’s EU referendum is as important to us as it is to anyone else. And with this in mind, we want everyone to cast their vote fully armed with the wealth of relevant expert opinion, detailing the impact of Britain’s leaving the EU on everything from the national economy to national security, education to healthcare, and beyond.

Which is why it’s slightly confusing (or concerning) that, for its part, the Leave campaign can seem to want to deter voters from weighing up expert opinion when making their decision. “Leave has failed to spell out the serious risks of life outside the EU,” decried the FT today, going so far as to accuse the Leave campaign of outright mendacity. Indeed, a cynic would suggest that, if the Leave camp could point to such an expert consensus, it might well take a different position on expertise.

1E wouldn’t go that far, of course, but we did want to offer our 2 cents in the following infographic…

EU infographic

Thomas McGrath
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