3 New Ways to Get 1E Product Support Information

We are always looking for ways to improve the communications we make available to our customers, particularly from a support standpoint. 1E already provides stellar product support, but we are also always willing evolve to meet the most current and stylish communication mediums.
Today, we’re unveiling a couple important options where our customers will be able to monitor and hear about products updates, hotfixes, etc.
First, if you are a Twitter member, you can monitor our new 1ETechNews Twitter account. Even if you don’t “tweet”, you can still be notified when new fixes are available:
Secondly, we have built a brand new web-based forum just for Product Update Notifications. When updates are available, they will be listed here with complete information:
Alternatively, if you don’t want to keep checking the forum constantly, you can also subscribe to the forum’s RSS feed to be notified using your favorite RSS feed reader:
And, of course, all of this will be filtered through our normal channels for notification, including our Club 1E LinkedIn group.


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