AppClarity 2.1 is now available with four new abilities!

1. See what new apps have appeared in your environment
Discovered Applications When you’ve got new apps appearing in your environment every day – you want to know what they are as they appear. In AppClarity 2.1 after every sync you can instantly see all the newly discovered apps and what products they’re linked to.
2. Assign security roles to your admins
Role Assignment When adding a user to the console one of four roles can be granted (Product Viewer, Product Admin, License Viewer, License Admin), each with different access rights and privileges. The new user will automatically receive an invitation email with a web link to access the console.
3. See which components are installed …and which are being used
Components installed and used For suites such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite it is really hard to gain visibility of how many users are really using all the individual components. AppClarity 2.1 has an improved analytics engine to accurately discover which components are installed and which are being used. This can help our customers reallocate licenses and negotiate a better deal when renewing licenses.
4. Uninstall any software
Uninstall anything! AppClarity 2.1 builds on the fully automated uninstall mechanism, by giving the admin the ability to add alternate command lines to try first. This will enable complicated products that are not MSI based to be reclaimed from the environment. This will help our customers save more money.


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