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AppClarity – Software Reclaim as a Service

AppClarity- 8211 -Software-Reclaim-as-a-Service

Understand your exposure to unused software and start reclaiming applications immediately

With over 30% of the software deployed in most organisation being unused or rarely used, with AppClarity you can establish immediate visibility of your exposure, begin reclaiming these applications and make substantial savings in days rather than months or years. AppClarity Reclaim as a Service is a 1E packaged service offering, which will accelerate this process further, providing an immediate view of the unused software within your organization and allow you to begin your software reclaim straight away.
Ahead of a license negotiation, AppClarity Software Reclaim as a Service delivers results in days.
The 1E Approach
AppClarity Reclaim as a service, uses a proven 5-step methodology to ascertain the savings that can be realized and start your software reclaim

  • 1E will analyze your existing SCCM database to perform an AppClarity analysis extract
  • 1E’s Financial Analyst team will perform an analysis to determine software that is installed, used, and unused
  • 1E will work with you to establish Entitlement, unit cost, and maintenance for each of the identified titles
  • From here 1E can determine license savings, license cost avoidance, maintenance savings, and maintenance cost avoidance
  • As part of the service, 1E will assist you in re-claiming one software title from a Vendor of your choice.

Visit our solution page at for a sample report based on a 50k user organization, an expert white paper, and to start your software assessment.


The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022

The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022