Shawn is a Solutions Engineering Director at 1E. Working with a strong team of engineers who specialize in aligning 1E solutions to eliminate IT challenges, assisting customers in driving greater business value. Prior to joining 1E in 2013, he worked for a major insurance provider administering Configuration Manager and subsequent IT products/services. Shawn has been working in systems management for over 10 years and participated in Microsoft’s Configuration Manager 2012 TAP. Since joining 1E, Shawn has worked to ensure his industry knowledge and field exposure ensure 1E solutions continue to evolve and innovate growth in the systems management industry proper with the help of the greater Solutions Engineering team.
Shawn Cardamon
Thursday, 17 March 2016 / Published in IT Security, Software Lifecycle Automation, Uncategorized
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As you may well be aware, late last week a concerning report was released by Security Explorations which provided findings that alert to a severe Java Runtime Environment remote code execution threat. This threat stems from a 30 month old faulty patch from Oracle which Security Affairs reported “CVE-2013-5838 was rated by Oracle 9.3 out
Well, we talked about the five reasons not to migrate to Windows 8, but instead to skip straight to Windows 10, and since you believe that was 100% solid, let us talk now about what you need to do in order to be prepared for that jump to diez. Or, as we like to call
Shawn Cardamon
Monday, 23 February 2015 / Published in OS Deployment, Uncategorized, Windows 10, Windows 8
Right down to business, let’s talk about the top five reasons I personally see to skip Windows 8, and go direct to Windows 10. Through a ton of exposure to numerous IT firms during my time as a ConfigMgr admin and Solutions Engineer, I see the path ahead and it is not Windows 8 for
Shawn Cardamon
Wednesday, 18 February 2015 / Published in Free Tools, Insidev1ew, Products, Uncategorized
For almost two years now I have worked for 1E and seen first-hand how much this organization cares for the systems management community. It is one of the major reasons I came here and why I am very proud to call 1E my professional home and extended family (no, seriously). However, one of the things
Shawn Cardamon
Thursday, 12 February 2015 / Published in Insidev1ew, Nomad, SCCM, Systems Management, Uncategorized
I’ve had a few engagements in recent months where conversations on how App-V is delivered to endpoints via Configuration Manager was misunderstood a bit, and at first, I was among the misguided. These talks found me digging into how CM manages App-V content and, subsequently, how data is made available to the App-V client via
Shawn Cardamon
Wednesday, 22 October 2014 / Published in 1E News, NightWatchman, PC Power Management, Products, Uncategorized
The standard client hardware refresh cycle is an on-going and difficult process adopted by businesses all over the world, and as part of that process, ensuring that the latest power consumption figures exist for every recently purchased PC or Laptop is a lengthy and time consuming process for any end-point management team to maintain. 1E
Shawn Cardamon
Monday, 06 October 2014 / Published in 1E News, NightWatchman, Products, Uncategorized
The NightWatchman management console has been designed to ensure ease of management of the NightWatchman clients and their power behaviour. Its intuitive design enables administrators to quickly define and implement power policies for clients with any level of granularity required. 1E will soon release the 7th generation of their ‘Best of Breed’ End Point Power
Shawn Cardamon
Monday, 21 July 2014 / Published in 1E News, SCCM, Uncategorized
In the spirit of 1E’s dedication to being a strong advocate of the Configuration Manager community, here is something for all of you currently either digging through your Configuration Manager 2012 upgrade or planning to do so: SCCM 2012 Application Deployment Methodology Best Practice. This best practice white paper will come in handy when looking
Shawn Cardamon
Thursday, 19 June 2014 / Published in IT Asset Management, Uncategorized
It has become quite clear that Software Asset Management (SAM) is absolutely necessary when looking to adequately manage software entitlement for large enterprises. However, at an industry level, one factor has become very evident, while yet another factor seems to have been left behind. The item of clarity being that a well-managed SAM practice finds