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Avast all ye who enter. Here be fundraising pirates!


September 19th was International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and the crew of the good ship 1E couldn’t pass up a chance to drink, plunder, and dress up, in the name of a worthy cause!
Buccaneers, wenches, cabin boys and all manner of scurvy seadogs came in their nautical best in aid of the British Association of Adoption and Fostering (BAAF), a fine bunch o’ shipmates that 1E is always glad to swing some pieces of eight at.
1E Pirates 10 Treasure hunts, a fish and chip lunch, and a best dressed competition – the prize o’ a bottle o’ grog being won by Cap’n Scott Marshall – were all on offer to any scallywag who hadn’t been made to walk the plank.
At the end of all the lootin’, fightin’ and wenchin’, near £200 (and a few doubloons) was raised for BAAF, enough to soften even the hardest pirate’s heart. Our thanks to all crewmates and landlubbers alike who parted with their loot!
Here be what BAAF achieved last year with the help of shipmates like us!

  • 865 children were found permanent families that gave them a stable, loving home.
  • They dealt with over 8,000 enquiries through their UK wide enquiries service.
  • Provided 2,000 hours of targeted training and consultancy to professionals working with children to ensure they are best equipped to support children in care.
  • Piloted two Placement Activity Days which focused on children in care having fun while giving potential families the chance to engage with the children. 18 children were subsequently matched with families. The children that attend the days tend to be part of a sibling group (47% of children on the adoption register are part of a sibling group, the utmost effort is made to keep sibling groups together), older (over the age of four), ethnic minority and disabled.

1E Pirates Avast though me hearties, and listen close now, there be still over 91,000 children in care in the UK today, with 4,000 children waiting to be adopted. BAAF urgently need to provide more children with the support they need from a loving family to ensure they have the happy childhood every child deserves, but there be a shortage of adoptive parents; there are three children waiting for every approved adopter.
The amount the scurvy swine at 1E raised will pay for one of the following:

  • 45 information packs to be sent out to prospective adoptive parents, to recruit more adopters.
  • Assisting 16 callers to the BAAF helpline.
  • One child to attend the Adoption Activity Day – Adoption Activity Days have the highest success rate of matching harder to place children with parents.



The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022

The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022