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Did you know 1E is heavily invested in actively engaging our community of customers, partners and industry experts through hands-on user-group events? We sponsor and play host to many small and large events around the world (yes, the world!) and we see first hand how our products have impacted the industry. The results are in: our products
Sean Capes
Monday, 03 April 2017 / Published in 1E Community, 1E Customers, 1E Support, Featured, MVP Monday
It’s MVP Monday, but today we are hearing from 1E’s VP of Engineering, Sean Capes.  Recently at 1E, we’ve undertaken a fairly fundamental change in our development practice: we are getting our software engineers to own quality control. Of course, the mantra of the team owning quality is well known and applied. Scrum teams is an
Wednesday, 08 February 2017 / Published in 1E Customers, Software Lifecycle Automation
It’s a pleasure to announce our most recent partnership with Schneider Electric. One of the great joys of 1E is providing companies with safer, faster, better ways to upgrade their OS. Even multinational companies like Schneider Electric have their struggles and that’s where 1E makes a difference. Like a gallant knight on a white horse,
Managing software applications is a major challenge for IT organizations. It’s been estimated that an organization can have 1800 or more applications and admins can spend 90% of their time managing those apps. That effort is expensive for a business but there’s another area of application management that could be costing as much or even
Wednesday, 25 January 2017 / Published in 1E Community, 1E Customers
In case you missed it and didn’t already know, Airbus takes their projects quite “seriously”.  CEO Tom Enders sets his sights super high and wants everyone to know.  He announced a projection to having full scale prototypes of revolutionary urban aircraft by the end of the year.  It’s pretty ambitions—and unbelievably exciting, radical, and thought provoking. Like
Matt Albert
Wednesday, 04 January 2017 / Published in 1E Customers, Better ITAM, Software Lifecycle Automation, Uncategorized
Last month, President Obama signed into law the Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act(PMIAA), an important milestone in recognizing the importance of proper project and portfolio management when it comes to IT projects. As a strong believer in the role effective project management plays in successful programs, 1E was delighted to see this Oval Office
Diksha Grewal
Friday, 30 September 2016 / Published in 1E Customers, Nomad, OS Deployment, Uncategorized, Windows 10
Who can be a bigger advocate – than a customer? 1700 organizations, with over 26 million seats, use 1E technologies to solve mission critical problems daily and save money while doing so. We have worked with and continue to work with some of the largest companies in the world – some we can name and
How 1E is helping the VA to achieve greater IT efficiency in accordance with the new MEGABYTE Act The VA (or, properly speaking, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs) has no small task: it has to turn the immense respect and affection America feels for its armed forces veterans and their families into actual
Software Lifecycle Automation is (Quietly) changing the World
An interesting aspect of what 1E does is that it works, as it were, ‘behind the scenes’, helping hundreds of the world’s leading brands meet their IT aims, and boosting the performance of world-famous software. As such, sometimes even we can overlook how far and wide our technology is making a difference, which is why
Nathaniel Martinez
Thursday, 10 December 2015 / Published in 1E Community, 1E Customers, Awards, NightWatchman, Products, Uncategorized
Sustainability award
Congratulations to 1E client The Oscar Lambret Center – a regional comprehensive cancer center in Northern France – for winning the 2015 UNICANCER Sustainable Development Innovation award. Not only are we really excited for the Center, we’re also happy to know that 1E NightWatchman was a core part of the initiative that led to their