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Managing software applications is a major challenge for IT organizations. It’s been estimated that an organization can have 1800 or more applications and admins can spend 90% of their time managing those apps. That effort is expensive for a business but there’s another area of application management that could be costing as much or even
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In an unseasonal show of anti-Christmas spirit, Oracle is reported to have instigated a first-time global sweep for Java license fees, potentially leading to significant unexpected costs for those enterprises deploying Java-based tech across their endpoints. The technology multinational originally got its hands on Java – as part of its Sun Microsystems acquisitions – back
How 1E is helping the VA to achieve greater IT efficiency in accordance with the new MEGABYTE Act The VA (or, properly speaking, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs) has no small task: it has to turn the immense respect and affection America feels for its armed forces veterans and their families into actual
Global enterprise software waste today stands at 38%, totaling $28 billion of waste in the US alone, or $247 per user, according to a free, new downloadable study published today by 1E. Drawing on exclusive data spanning five years, and covering 149 companies, 16 industries and 4.6 million users, the Software Usage and Waste Report
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Attachmate audits
When it comes to software vendor audits, most people rattle off the likes of IBM, Microsoft, Oracle or SAP. Rarely do people mention Attachmate audits. However, when the Attachmate name comes up, you tend to hear how aggressive they are when it comes to enforcing their license terms and conditions. First, a bit about Attachmate.
Dear Sam, During 1E’s Software Asset Management Webinar, Leveraging the Power of SAM – from Tactical to Strategic, a question was raised regarding 1E’s free Software Lifecycle Intelligence Tool: “Do you need metering or usage configured for the 1E Intelligence tool to work correctly?”I remain confused as to how the tool can return results if
application mapping
I’ve written and have been talking a fair bit recently on the need to consider a wipe-and-load approach to your Windows 10 migration. If you want to learn a bit more about why this is an important consideration, check out my blog on the subject. Wiping the disk means the applications are all gone. If
Thanks to everyone who joined us during last week’s webinar Leveraging the Power of Software Asset Management! This is the first in a 4-part web series on Strategic SAM. Last week, we discussed: How businesses can achieve quantifiable cost reductions at times of software renewal Approaches to reduce the interruption, time, cost and risk of
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software asset management (SAM)
Federal Information Technology Reform Act (FITARA) For 18 years, 1E has been enabling our customers to automate the full software lifecycle across their business. Through Software Lifecycle Automation employees become more productive, the organization becomes more agile, and their IT departments more reactive to change – able to automate more processes, and save money. It
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6 SAM Insights You Might Have Missed
Earlier this week, I took a look back at my SAM blogs from 2015. Given my professional past, and a strong interest in advocating for and developing ISO SAM standards and a better approach to audits, I’m always interested to learn which SAM topics are of most interest to our valued readers. Apart from people,