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Google “green technology” and this is what you’ll see: That sounds fantastic, right? You don’t get the full picture of what it is, though. What about the impact of non-green technology versus “green technology”? From saving and generating energy to utilizing non-toxic products, “green technology” incorporates multiple materials, people, and practices to achieve this stature. It’s
Last week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) confirmed that style is taking a backseat to something that concerns all of us: extended (reliable) battery life. Luckily, the industry continues to listen and there were impressive responses to our queries. No one likes to see the battery percentage on our phones, tablets, or other devices dwindle and
How 1E is helping the VA to achieve greater IT efficiency in accordance with the new MEGABYTE Act The VA (or, properly speaking, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs) has no small task: it has to turn the immense respect and affection America feels for its armed forces veterans and their families into actual
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Nightwatchman Reporting
Do you know how WakeUp or NightWatchman reporting is used at your organization? You probably have a general idea but since NWM v6.5 was released you can readily get specifics as to which reports are most used with a SQL query such as: select Operation ‘Report’, Count(*) ‘Invocations’ from tbAFR_Dimension_AuditTrail where Component=‘ReportConsole’ group by Operation order by
wake up
NightWatchman is great at shutting down computers when they’re not needed and waking them when they are. Sometimes I wonder if WakeUp is even more popular with our customers than power management or the other NWM features. But like a parent, as product manager I try my best to focus on all my ‘children’ equally.
As techies and computer managers we hear a lot of complaints from friends and family about using computers. One of the most common is the pain of reboots/restarts. Restarts seem to always be needed when we’re busy doing something, they take too long, we might lose data, and we might have some kind of problem when the
Reboot Strategy
Given the importance of reboots and the pain that our users often feel when computers must be rebooted, every organization should have a reboot strategy. Hopefully we can minimize the pain in some ways, but at least some predictability will allow the users to know what to expect. As administrators, we can be sure we’re
What’s wrong with DRIPS
As discussed in previous blogs (Is Power Management Different on Modern Devices?) and other materials, Deepest Runtime Idle Power State (DRIPS) on your modern tablets, 2-in-1’s, and similar devices doesn’t always work properly. NightWatchman 7.1 gives you the reports to centrally determine where that’s the case. What do you do next? We’ll answer that question
Power Management
Modern devices often have “system-on-chip” hardware and use Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. Such computers are capable of Connected Standby (Windows 8) or Modern Standby (Windows 10), which can place the hardware in a deeper standby state than traditional laptops and yet still have network connectivity while in standby. Tablets, 2-in-1’s, convertibles, and similar devices
Power Optimization
The recent release of NightWatchman 7.1 includes two important new features: Power Optimization and Reboot Optimization. Let’s focus on Power Optimization. NightWatchman has long helped many organizations with power management to reduce costs and environmental impact by reliably and safely shutting off computers or putting them in a standby state when they’re not being used.