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A First Foray into THE CLOUD via Intune (#2 in a series) The first stop: Introduction to Intune Using the linked reference above as my starting point and source of basic information (with attribution given in my first post in this series), let’s try to dissect it from my experience as a traditional Configuration Manager
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“I’m old, not obsolete!”  Pops, Terminator Genisys For the literary-minded among you, it’s clear that the subtitle is a blatant play on words from the famous old poem Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor (1834). We’ve all heard of the concept of, “…having an Albatross hanging around your neck”. (See the link for the metaphor) I’ve been in
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Digital Disruption has been a key theme for 1E in 2015, with both our CEO Sumir Karayi and COO Nick-Milne Home engaging on the subject at conferences and in the media. While raising awareness of the topic, we’re also passionate about keeping up to date on it. Here are some of the best videos we’ve
2015 has seen 1E COO Nick Milne-Home on the speaker circuit discussing one of the business world’s hottest topics: digital disruption. We’re pleased with the response Nick has had to his talks and presentations on the subject. But what does it have to do with 1E’s core business of software lifecycle automation? It might not
You may have seen a blog post from a well-known SAM vendor last week, in which they announced the availability of automated license re-harvesting to drive a more seamless and efficient SAM process. The “new” solution was described as “4th Generation SAM,” which surprised us on two counts here at 1E. It surprised us because,
Digital disruption
Digital disruption is everywhere, with some companies claiming it as the secret to their success, and others blaming it for less than spectacular results. What this hides is the fact that digital disruption is far more than just a catchy buzz phrase. Like the technology that symbolizes it, digital disruption is one of the most
Digital Disruption
Digital disruption is in – and your CIO is on the way out. Far too few organizations – only 7% according to Gartner – are fully digital and the rest will take them years to catch up. If only they had the time. From 1E, the Software Lifecycle Automation company, COO Nick Milne-Home has already
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Modern App-stores have evolved very quickly but the pricing models are very much out-dated and static in the sense that there is no quantitative way to intelligently estimate the price of an app depending upon the demand and usability of the app. In this article I have tried to answer the question ‘at what price
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In part one, Power, Productivity and the Internet: Part 1 – The core of the problem, we looked at the issues inefficiencies of energy consumption in data centers here we look at what to do to address them. A data center exists to support the data processing within it. Data centers are rarely static and