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I think that we underestimated the importance of what we were building when we started developing Tachyon at 1E. We believed we were creating great tech, a veritable Swiss Army Knife of IT Operations and Security capabilities. We were wrong. The problem with Swiss Army Knives is that while they are a great thing to
Today 1E unveils its new Windows 10 Migration Report. Based on an online survey completed by more than 500 U.S. IT decision makers, the report gives a unique insight into the Windows 10 migration methods currently being employed by today’s enterprises, as well as the intentions and motivations behind them. You can download the report
Few words can paint a harsher picture in the mind’s eye than orphanage. And before she visited New Delhi’s Manav Mandir Ashram for the first time, child psychologist Ritu Nagar admits that she, too, was wary of that word’s gloomy associations. Thankfully, these were very quickly swept away. “When I came here I saw the
Texas, U.S.A. A small office on the third floor of the Austin Convention Centre, an unassuming hub out of which, for just one week only, almost 5000 endpoints are being managed –  the equivalent of a decent-sized enterprise, thrown up in a matter of days for the Tableau Conference 2016 (or, TC16). Thousands of Tableau
How 1E is helping the VA to achieve greater IT efficiency in accordance with the new MEGABYTE Act The VA (or, properly speaking, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs) has no small task: it has to turn the immense respect and affection America feels for its armed forces veterans and their families into actual
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Which Way Should You Choose? As noted in part two of my series on OSD frontends, each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Which you should choose depends upon your requirements. The method I generally use is to run the frontend from within the sequence, but that’s subjective and by no means set in stone.
Why should ISO standards be of interest to any end user organization? Peter Beruk: Standards are created to solve a problem. In the software asset management space, the problems are one of risk and cost associated with the management of IT assets. Contributors of ISO standards collaborate to create industry standard, globally accepted solutions, to these
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Microsoft and 1E form the perfect partnership for the secure, modern enterprise. With Windows 10, Microsoft has given the world the Operating System it deserves, in terms of security, user experience, and much more. 1E provides a way for enterprises of all sizes to complete their Windows 10 migration in a way that’s truly worthy of
Windows 10 Migration
If you’re reading this, your business is presumably preparing for its Windows 10 migration. And perhaps, somewhere at the back of your mind, is the Windows XP to Windows 7 migration, an expensive, disruptive nightmare for most companies. This time around, you want to be sure you avoid it. 1E has years of OS deployment
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1E recently produced a very interesting study (see The Real Cost of Software Waste) which analyzed data from over 3.6m desktops across 150 companies and took over four years to compile. According to the IT Financial Analyst team which put the study together, on average in the US, 37% of software is wasted – going