Andrew Mayo
Friday, 28 April 2017 / Published in Featured, Free Tools, Help Desk, IT Security
Open Sesame  When you log on to your computer, Windows converts the password you type into a hash, which, is just a very long number. For example, the MD5 hash of ‘Sarahandjack99’ as a decimal number starts with: 6426944284693920619…. I’ve chopped off some digits in this example to keep things simple. The actual number has
Simon Woods
Thursday, 20 April 2017 / Published in Featured, Help Desk, IT Security, Tachyon, Thursday Thoughts
So, let’s face it: every business goes through change.  They need to evolve to generate new opportunities and react to new threats, and as part of that process, in a general sense, information technology always has to facilitate some part of this change or deal with the effects of this change, even if it was
Andrew Mayo
Friday, 14 April 2017 / Published in Featured, Free Tools, Help Desk, IT Security
Understanding the Public Key Infrastructure Modern encryption, and by extension much of the web of trust that is built around it, is based on the Public Key Infrastructure, or PKI. Understanding PKI without maths Most explanations start off by mentioning that dreaded word, – “mathematics”. Let’s see if we can get an idea of how
Dave Fuller
Thursday, 13 April 2017 / Published in Featured, Free Tools, Help Desk, IT Efficiency
Last year, we highlighted (and addressed) a very specific challenge facing IT administrators preparing to migrate to Windows 10. While most organizations want to take advantage of the security features such as Secure Boot, Device Guard and Credential Guard in Windows 10, these features require UEFI firmware and the majority of Windows 7 devices today,
One of the perks of working for a technology company like 1E is having a lot of really smart co-workers. Like engineers of all persuasions everywhere, they do not like having a problem without an answer. They dig and dig until the truth is revealed! Occasionally, however, the answer evades them despite their best effort.
When you look at the role of a “company” in today’s world, the responsibility a business has towards its employees and customers now contains something that didn’t exist 50 years ago: an IT estate. With the advancement of technology comes the woes for when the technology fails. Because every company today is deemed a “digital”
Mark Warren
Friday, 24 March 2017 / Published in 1E News, Featured, Help Desk, IT Security, Windows 10
 About this time last year (March 2016) Gartner published the results of their survey into Windows 10 migration plans in the business sector. Their key finding was that companies expected to be able to complete their migration in “only 23 months.” 23 months now looks like an age. Businesses need a much quicker deployment to maintain security
Mark Warren
Tuesday, 21 March 2017 / Published in Featured, Help Desk, OS Deployment, Webinars, Windows 10
In the first of the three-part webinar series on Windows 10 deployment, 1E experts Troy Martin and Jim Bezdan reviewed the high-level issues surrounding rapid migration to the new OS. The second part looked into the update process in more detail. It started by examining the importance of peer-to-peer (P2P) content distribution. P2P has many benefits
Peter Daalmans
Monday, 20 March 2017 / Published in Featured, Help Desk, MVP Monday, SCCM
Our next event for Configuration Manager is open for registration NOW! Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about ConfigMgr in 2017.  The version 1702 of Configuration Manager Current Branch is around the corner and the adoption of 1610 is enormous. If you are not on 1610 yet, you can wait until 1702 will ship
Ed Aldrich
Monday, 13 March 2017 / Published in Featured, Help Desk, MVP Monday, Software Lifecycle Automation
A First Foray into THE CLOUD via Intune (#3 in a series)   The moving parts of Intune: Can any be mapped to Configuration Manager? My previous post in this series gave a basic introduction of Intune and provided several scenarios that described how to implement some of the features themselves. Those scenarios and others